ThisWorx TWC-01 vs. TWC-02 Portable Car Vacuum

If you are on the market for an excellent portable car vacuum, then you are at the right place. By reading through this quick buying guide, you will learn all about the two best ThisWorx portable car vacuums. That way, you can determine which one offers what you need.

ThisWorx TWC-01 Review
ThisWorx TWC-01

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What Does The ThisWorx TWC-01 Offer?

The ThisWorx TWC-01 is a simple and versatile portable car vacuum. Right away, you will notice that this portable car vacuum has a simple and clean design. But, this design is not only simple and clean, it’s portable. Because of this, moving the vacuum around and using it to clean the various spaces and areas in your car is very easy.

Through the use of the 106W motor, you are able to vacuum up all kinds of messes. Most of these messes will, more likely than not, consist of things like crumbs and dust. But, you can also use this portable car vacuum to remove smaller wet messes, such as spilled soda or little bits of water that fell out of a water bottle.

ThisWorx TWC-01
ThisWorx TWC-01

To make use of this portable car vacuum, you will need to plug it in. You can easily plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter, however, and the cord is sixteen-feet. As a result of this cord’s length, vacuuming through the various spaces and areas in your car is quite easy, so there will never be any bits of dirt or dust that you can’t properly clean.

In the end, if you need a super affordable and very efficient portable car vacuum, then you cannot go wrong with the ThisWorx TWC-01!

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What Does The ThisWorx TWC-02 Offer?

The ThisWorx TWC-02 is very similar to the TWC-01. But, it offers a couple of really unique features that enhance the entire process.

ThisWorx TWC-02
ThisWorx TWC-02

Right away, the most important feature to note is that this portable car vacuum offers more suction power than the TWC-01. Because of this, you can more easily remove certain kinds of messes from your car, and you can do so very quickly.

To enhance the vacuuming process, ThisWorx gives you three nozzles to play with. Each one of these nozzles allows for greater versatility and efficiency, making it so much easier to vacuum whatever is in your car.

As for the design, it is very similar to the TWC-01. But, it is a little smaller and the design is a little more ergonomically pleasing. Moving it around and making use of it is easier, as a result of these changes. You will be more comfortable, as you use this vacuum, which makes the vacuuming process less tedious. The power cord is the same, though, so you have access to the same level of mobility and versatility.

ThisWorx TWC-02 Review
ThisWorx TWC-02

At the end of the day, the ThisWorx TWC-02 is very similar to the ThisWorx TWC-01. But, if you really liked what the TWC-01 offered, and would like something more powerful and versatile, then the ThisWorx TWC-02 will be a great purchase!

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