Tineco and Dyson are two very popular manufacturers of stick vacuums. Dyson is the far more popular brand, but Tineco is also quite popular. Both brands have made consistently unique design choices. Each brand is known for making excellent vacuums, and in this article, we’re going to be looking at the Tineco A11 series, and the Dyson V8 and V10. By the end of this article, you’ll have a good idea of what it is that each stick vacuum can do for you, and which vacuum best fulfills your individual needs.

Dyson vs Tineco A11: Stick Vacuum Comparison

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The Tineco A11 Hero And Master

Both of these vacuums are very similar. In fact, the two things that separate them consist of the dual LED power brushes that the A11 Master has, in comparison to the A11 Hero and its single LED powerbrush, along with the fact that the A11 Master comes with a variety of attachments, whereas the Tineco A11 Hero does not come with any attachments.

Tineco A11 vs Dyson: Stick Vacuum Comparison

In terms of overall suction power, both devices offer up to one-hundred and twenty air-watts of suction power. This is the maximum setting, and it works wonders on both hardwood flooring and carpet. Whether you’re working with pet hair or dust particles or talcum powder that you’ve spilled, this vacuum can easily take care of it.

If you do choose to use the highest setting, though, you can only use it for fifteen minutes at the most. With that being said, you probably won’t need to use it for that long, in a single, unbroken period. Using it on the regular settings, it’ll last up to one hour, on a single charge.

When you’re cleaning and vacuuming everything up, everything goes through a four-stage filtration system. So, if big chunks of debris get in there by accident, you can easily remove them, preventing any problems.

Tineco A11 Master vs Dyson v10: Stick Vacuum Comparison

Each device has an LED power brush – the Tineco A11 Master has two – and these power brushes use an LED to illuminate dirt and debris, while cleaning, as well as working on specific surfaces. On the A11 Master, one power brush is for hardwood flooring, and the other is for carpet.

Tineco has patented a “Rinse-Free Filter Cleaning System” that allows you to clean the filter in less than ten seconds, and then you can put it back in and start vacuuming, once more. This is a very simple and very effective system.

Finally, when it comes to the size of the dustbin, you have 0.6 liters – just over 20 ounces – to store all of the dirt.

Tineco A11 Hero vs Dyson v8: Stick Vacuum Comparison

The Dyson V8 And V10

To start off, the Dyson V8 offers forty-minutes of runtime, and the Dyson V10 offers sixty-minutes. Now, the Dyson V8 is five air-watts weaker than the Tineco A11, but the Dyson V10, which doesn’t have a specific measurement, is considered the most powerful of any cord-free stick vacuum.

This is because the Dyson Digital Motor V10 is Dyson’s most powerful motor, and it can spin up to 125,000 RPM. This is the equivalent of the full-suction power of a regular, full-sized vacuum.

Dyson V10 vs Tineco A11 Master

One of the distinct advantages of both these Dyson models is that, with the press of a few buttons, they transform into a Handheld Vacuum. Having a feature like this makes cleaning up smaller crevices and sections far more convenient.

Just like the Tineco A11, you empty the dustbin with the single press of a button. Both models have no less than twenty-ounces of space in their dustbin.

Both the V8 as the V10 come with all of the different attachments that the Tineco A11 comes with, which makes it easy to extend the devices capabilities, in order to reach smaller spots and crevices, as well as making it easier to clean up pet hair and fur.

Dyson V8 vs Tineco A11 Hero

Tineco A11 Hero vs Tineco A11 Master: Comparison

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Final Words

In comparison to the Tineco A11, the features are generally pretty similar, but with the Dyson V8, it does come with the attachments that the Tineco A11 Hero lacks, and it also turns into a handheld vacuum and has been designed to be more effective in spaces and crevices that are more difficult to reach.

Along with that, the dustbins for both models are bigger than those in both Tineco A11 models.

Really, the biggest difference is that, with the Dyson V8, the motor isn’t quite as powerful as that of the Tineco A11 Master, and the battery life is only forty-minutes, instead of sixty-minutes.

If you are willing to spend some extra money on the best, then the Dyson V10 is the better product. But, if you want something that is very good, the Tineco A11 Master is great. However, if you want something that has the versatility that the Tineco A11 lacks, and you want something inexpensive, the Dyson V8 is the way to go.

Dyson vs Tineco

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