Best High Velocity Utility Fans

Summer heat can make life absolutely miserable. It’s too hot to eat, sleep, or move around. Even watching television in your favorite recliner can be uncomfortable without good air circulation. Well, there’s a simple remedy. Consider a high-velocity fam that can deliver the cool, fresh air you need to keep yourself, your family, and friends comfortable.

These highly efficient fans were built to move air at high speed in large spaces such as industrial areas and large workspaces, but they are finding popularity in homes to cool living rooms, dens, patios, garages, and basements.

Best High Velocity Utility Fans

What Makes High-velocity Fans So Special?

Much like its relatives from the ventilating family, a high-velocity fan circulates air. The main difference between a regular fan and a high-velocity fan is that a high-velocity fan is built with power to deliver air at high speed. High-velocity fan are constructed with metal fan blades and a ball-bearing motor which ensures efficiency, durability, and long-lasting service.

What To Look For In A High-Velocity Fan?

There are a few options to consider when looking for a high-velocity fan. They include:


Choose a high-velocity fan that fits the size of the room or area you need to cool. If you have ample space to cover, you will need a larger unit than, say, your living room, where a smaller fan will suffice. Also, check to ensure your outlets are conducive to the power required to run the unit.

Mounting Options

High-velocity fans are floor units. However, they can also be mounted on a wall or placed on a floor pedestal. Make sure to check for these options when purchasing one. The additional options may come in handy if you decide to move the unit to another area.

Speed Levels

Choose a unit with multiple speed levels to control the amount of air coming the fan.


If you want to know how much air this fan can provide to the area you want to cool, check its CFM (cubic feet per minute). This measures the amount of air the fan can provide in a given timeframe to the area you want to be cooled. The bigger the area, the more airflow you will need.

Airflow angle

If you plan to mount the unit but find you will need to point it in another direction, look for an adjustable fan that will give you air where you need it.


High-velocity fans are heavy-duty air circulation floor fans made with a ball bearing motor and metal fan blades that move air at high speed in whichever direction you point it. They are designed to cool down large areas such as workshops and garages. However, they are finding popularity among homeowners looking for alternatives to cooling rooms in their home or outside on their patios.

What’s the Difference Between a Regular Fan and a High-Velocity Fan?

High-velocity fans offer an industrial-strength solution to the problem of heat. They were specifically designed to cool large industrial spaces where keeping temperatures low is a priority. They are built to last.

Do High-Velocity Fans Cost More to Operate?

Yes, you will pay more for your electricity to run a high-velocity fan, but the costs are negligible, amounting in one estimate costs $0.01 to $0.02 per hour, depending on where you live and what you pay for electricity per kilowatt hour.


If you are looking for an alternative means for cooling off a large area – indoors or out where temperatures reach scorching levels, then you should strongly consider a high-velocity fan. Designed for industrial use, they are well constructed and are built to last a long time to deliver a concentrated flow of air at high speed wherever you need it. They will get the job done, making you, your family, and friends all happy campers at the next barbeque.

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