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Which Robotic Cleaner should you use?
Everyone is looking for ways to make their life easier, to ease the workload and to have more time freedom. Choosing a robo cleaner seems like a natural avenue to take when thinking about an easy life. But with so many on the market which one should you choose?

Let’s look at two models on the market to help you make this decision.

Roomba vs ReadyClean
These models have many similarities however one big difference. The Roomba is a vacuum and the ReadyClean is a mop. For those of you with the cash to burn, you may want to choose both.

Both models avoid objects (as you would hope), self-empties, and can be controlled and scheduled via apps. This includes smart navigation techniques to make is easy to create a personalized setting for each room in your home.

Every household is emerging into a smart house, and with these robots there is no exception, they are both compatible with an Amazon Echo device, and the Roomba is compatible with google devices as well to add to its diversity.

The distain of cleaning edges around rooms is dispersed with these two models, as both have edge cleaning technology built in, no getting down on your hands and knees anymore.

They’re sounding well matched in features right now, so lets looks at their differences and there are a few. All though depending on what type of home you live in and what suits you better will determine which one wins this comparison war.

The Roomba is voice activated and adjusts to all different types of flooring. While mainly recommended for carpet this nifty little robot can vacuum any surface with ease and has a spot clean setting when isolated mess happens.

The ReadyClean is a wet mop for hard flooring and sweeps too. This app activated robot automatically charges when its running low on battery and ensures no cross contamination. It picks itself up after cleaning and re-loads a new mopping pad at the dock to which you’ll receive 10 disposable pads and 6 washable pads with your order.

A nice touch to the ReadyClean is that with every order placed money is donated to a Pet Foundation for homeless pets.
Aww, I hear you say. Washable pads for sustainable living and a good cause to donate as well. It is nice to feel like you’re doing good while making your life easier too.

Down to the nitty gritty, the ReadyClean is more affordable, but depending on your level of use you may have to fork out for new mopping pads regularly and you will have to buy the mopping formula when you run out.

Like anything which gives you increased time freedom, it usually comes with a price. Looking at the price of ordinary vacuums on the market, the financial outlay isn’t that scary for either of these robots.

Noise wise they are different, the ReadyClean is super quiet, and the Roomba isn’t. But for most people the Roomba will be vacuuming when you’re out of your home, so you can come back to clean floors, ready to put your feet up and enjoy your free time. If you work from home, you may want to set it up to clean when you don’t need complete silence.

Who should buy these?
Honestly, its quite clear. If you have more carpets in your home the Roomba would be more suitable. If you have more hard flooring, the ReadyClean is for you.

The question to ask yourself is which do you spend more time doing, vacuuming carpets, or mopping and sweeping floors?
ReadyClean is more affordable, all though will require ongoing payments towards new pads and cleaning fluids.

But when time is precious, they both stand a chance of meeting your needs regardless of the price.

What do other people say about these?

While technology is advancing quickly it seems humans might have some catching up to do. With both little robots it seems that others have had some difficulties, so don’t through away the instruction manuals and make sure software is updated when required.

Should you buy one?
If you want to permanently tick something off your to-do list, buy one.

Choose a robot which meets the needs of your home and sell your old vacuum on eBay to ease the guilt of paying out for a new addition to the household. But in all honestly the price of either of these robots isn’t going to give you a heart attack.

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