Hamilton Beach Works Coffee Maker 49350 review

Coffee anyone?
Calling all coffee lovers, or the sleep deprived who are about to become coffee lovers, or the people who enjoy someone making their coffee for them.

Whichever you are, this Hamilton coffee maker might spike your interest.

What is so good about it?
The days of the kettle and the instant coffee may not be over, because we don’t always have time to be coffee snobs, but if you are looking for a new gadget which not only fixes the caffeine addiction but fits in line with all your voice activated, Wi-Fi, app scheduled appliances, then this may be for you.

This coffee maker is no ordinary machine. The Amazon affiliated product which holds the certificate with Amazon for high responsiveness, high reliability and high functionality has already sold out in many places.

Through your Alexa app, or your Echo device you can schedule your routine morning coffee and the brew strength with ease. Making your morning a little easier to wake up to, no need for a partner to make it for you, or a pricy Starbucks. Just you, your Alexa app and a coffee made to measure.

It even lets you know when it needs a clean, giving you a clear reminder on the display screen. So, you don’t have to worry about knowing how often to clean it.

Through voice activation you can tell your machine when you want your coffee, how strong you want it and when to turn off and on. If you forget to turn it off when you are rushing to get to the office in time, have no fear, it automatically turns off after two hours. Or by any chance you remember when you are commuting to work, use the app to switch it off.
Do you need it?

No. is the short answer.
We have lived for many years without such inventions.
But do you want it? That is a different answer entirely. And only one you know.
The luxury of having your coffee ready when you wake up may be enough for your soul to call out for this item. The ease of app and voice activation is enticing, and the fact it is compatible with your other Amazon devices making it an easy set up and a reliable machine.
Is it worth the money?

This is a fairly priced coffee maker in comparison to others on the market. It is sold out in some places online already so that speaks volumes.

As always there are some sources on social media claiming difficulties, but with warranty from Amazon and a customer service team from the brand, you won’t be without help if product isn’t up to scratch. With any new tech, teething problems are expected, software updates are required and when in doubt do not try and fix it yourself.

If you are looking to buy a new coffee maker, or you’re thinking about trying one for the first time why not make it one connected to your Alexa.

‘Alexa, make my coffee tomorrow morning at 8am.’

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