Bosidin vs. Braun IPL Hair Removal

For a good hair removal device, you can’t go wrong with BoSidin or Braun. That’s why, in this review guide, you will learn all about the best hair removal devices both of those brands offer.

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BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device

A Great Design

The desig of this device is excellent.

Sure, aesthetically, it may not be all that notable. But, the convenience and flexibility this device offers is second-to-none.

You can use this device with just one hand. Holding the device, and moving it around, feels great.

Furthermore, you can rotate the precision head by 180-degrees. That way, you can remove hair from any number of spaces and spots on your head – or body, for that matter – which allows for plenty of flexibility.

Designed For Your Entire Body

One of the most unique features this hair removal device offers is versatility. You can use this device to remove hair from any space or region on your body.

Due to this design, you can remove hair from your head. But, you can also remove hair from your armpits, your arms, your face, your legs; and any other region or space on your body.

For you to accomplish this task, you can glance at the control panel. Upon doing so, you can then select the button that corresponds to the region of your body that requires some hair removal. Just choose that button, and the device will adjust itself to remove hair from that part of your body.

Very Effective Dynamic Cooling System

To ensure the entire hair removal process is painless and easy, BoSidin has developed a dynamic cooling system.

The nature of this dynamic cooling system ensures that any space or region of your body is pre-cooled. Pre-cooled, so that your body does not experience any pain or discomfort, when hair is removed.

Since this feature is built into the device, there’s no need for you to rely on any other contraption. You won’t need to use any sort of ice pack or cream.

Rather, you can turn on the device, choose the appropriate setting, and begin removing your hair.

Long-Lasting & Reliable

One of the most notable features this device offers is longevity.

According to BoSidin, the device can last for up to 25-years.

During this 25-year period, you will not need to pay any money for repairs or replacements.

Rather, the device will continue to work, and the device will continue to work very well.

As a result of this longevity, the price, while it may appear high, is quite minimal, and the overall investment is fantastic.


In the end, if you need a versatile, convenient, and effective hair removal device, then the BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device is a fantastic purchase.

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Braun IPL Hair Removal

Compact & Lightweight

The compact nature of this hair removal device makes it quite lightweight. You can hold it with just one hand, and move it around with ease.

Both of these qualities ensure that removing hair, from any particular region of your body, is easy and pleasant.

Beyond the convenience of the design, however, this device is also rather pleasing to look at. A strong stylistic quality makes the experience a little nicer, and a little more enjoyable.

Adapts To Your Skin Tone

Right inside of this hair removal device, there’s a unique skin sensor.

Due to possessing this skin sensor, the device can adapt to your skin tone. This adaptation is done automatically, and continuously.

You won’t need to input any particular function or setting. Rather, the device detects your skin tone, adjusts itself to accommodate the skin tone of that particular region of your body, and continues the process.

Very Versatile

You can use this hair removal device on your face. Removing hair, from your face, is not a chore, due to the ease in which this device operates.

Even more than that, though, you can also use this device on the other spaces and regions of your body.

Removing hair from your legs, as an example, is nearly effortless.

The same can be said for your arms, your back, and your chest; among other regions and spaces.

Since this feature is available to you, if you want to remove hair from any part of your body, you can do so without any problems or issues.


The excellent design of this device, combined with its versatility and effectiveness, makes it a great purchase for those who need a good hair removal device.

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