Can you Leave a Essential Oil Diffuser On Overnight?

If you aren’t sure about leaving an essential oil diffuser running overnight, then this is the right guide for you. By reading through this guide, you are going to learn all about essential oil diffusers, how they work, and whether or not you should leave one running overnight.

What Is An Essential Oil Diffuser?

In essence, an essential oil diffuser is a type of machine that breaks down the molecules comprising essential oil droplets. By breaking down those droplets of essential oils into smaller molecules, those smaller molecules can be pushed across the air surrounding the diffuser.

How Does An Essential Oil Diffuser Work?

Right now, on the market, there are a variety of different essential oil diffusers that you can purchase. Each one of these essential oil diffusers works in a slightly different manner, yet they produce the exact same effect – that of essential oils being pushed across your space.

Most of the essential oil diffusers that you can purchase are either evaporative diffusers or ultrasonic diffusers. By using an evaporative diffuser, a fan turns the essential oil into a gas, allowing the molecules to spread out across your space. But, with an ultrasonic diffuser, ultrasonic vibrations break down the essential oil into individual molecules. These molecules are then, as you would expect, spread across the space that surrounds the diffuser.

Can You Leave An Essential Oil Diffuser On Overnight?

Running an essential oil diffuser, throughout the day, leads to a variety of benefits. Benefits such as reducing stress, anxiety, and even soreness. But, if you run an essential oil diffuser too long, throughout the day, this can lead to various problems and difficulties.

Just as you would expect, the same thing applies to running an essential oil diffuser overnight. If you run an essential diffuser overnight, as you are sleeping, there’s a good chance you’ll be running it anywhere from five-to-eight-hours. That much essential oil being diffused can lead to some less-than-ideal problems.

What Happens If You Leave An Essential Oil Diffuser On Overnight?

Prolonged exposure to essential oils, for periods of more than a few-hours, can easily lead to problems. Problems such as headaches, sore throat, an increased heart rate and blood pressure; among various others. None of these problems are fun to deal with, and they won’t happen if you run the essential oil diffuser for a shorter period of tie.

What Should You Do Instead?

Rather than running an essential oil diffuser overnight, you should run it during the day, for a set period of time. A period of twenty-to-thirty-minutes should be more than enough. If you need to run it for longer, you should run it for twenty-to-thirty-minutes, wait one-or-two-hours, and then run it again for another twenty-to-thirty-minute period. That way, you will experience all of the wonderful benefits that essential oils offer, but without any of the difficulties that prolonged exposure to essential oils can cause.


In the end essential oils are great. But, running them overnight is a great idea, since all good things should be moderated. Rather than running your essential oil diffuser overnight, run it throughout the day for shorter periods of time.

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