In this buying guide, we’re going to be looking at the Grohe Sense Guard Smart Water Controller. However, before we can begin looking at this Smart Water Controller, it’s important that we define what a Smart Water Controller is.

Grohe Smart Water Controller

A Smart Water Controller is a device that allows you to access different pieces of data, regarding your water pipes. These are data points such as the flow of water, whether a pipe has broken if anything has frozen, leaks, among many others.

What a Smart Water Controller does, is it uses a variety of different sensors to detect these things. All of this data is gathered up, and then it’s held within the device. Now, these are “Smart Devices”, which means that you can access a Smart Water Controller using your smartphone. You have access to all of the data that is being produced, just by using your smartphone, and you can also access different settings that the Smart Water Controller offers.

What Does The Grohe Sense Guard Smart Water Controller Have To Offer?

The Grohe Sense Guard Smart Water Controller looks good. It has a nice, clean aesthetic that looks nice, and is very easy for you to understand. There’s nothing complex or convoluted about the design, and that’s great.

Grohe 22503LN0 Sense Guard Smart Water Controller

To set up the Grohe Sense Guard Smart Water Controller, you will need a cold water line that has a pipe size of no more than one-inch. If it’s larger than that, then you won’t be able to install this Smart Water Controller.

It takes around ninety-minutes – sometimes less, sometimes more – to set up this Smart Water Controller. That’s because you are going to have to work with the pipes for you to be able to connect the device to the cold water line. Then, you will also need to find a way for you to plug the device in because it does not use batteries.

While it isn’t that challenging to set the device up, it isn’t the easiest device to set up, either. If you aren’t good with piping and would rather have somebody else do it, then you should probably hire a professional. But, with that being said, there is a manual that walks you through every single step for properly setting up this Smart Water Controller, so if you take things slow and read carefully, you shouldn’t have any issues.

When the Grohe Sense Guard Smart Water Controller is set up, you need to download the application for your smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you have an Android smartphone, or an iPhone, because the application works for both systems.

What the application does is it informs you of any problems or irregular activity, regarding the pipe. More specifically, if there is some kind of leakage in the pipe, then you will receive a notification. If part of the pipe has become frozen, due to cold weather, then you will receive a notification. If there is some unusual activity regarding the water flow, you will receive a notification.

Grohe 22503LN0 Smart Water Controller

Normally, this would be perfect. You are able to know everything that you need to know about those particular facets of the pipe, and this makes it easy for you to deal with the problem. But, what makes the Grohe Sense Guard Smart Water Controller especially great, is the fact that it’s able to turn off the water when a problem is detected.

If there is a leakage in the pipe, you will receive a notification, and the water supply will be turned off. This makes things incredibly easy, because you don’t need to worry about water damage, or any other problems that are directly related to the water pipes.

Plus, using the smartphone application, you’re able to turn off the water at any time. Even if there isn’t any problem, but you want to do some work with the pipes, you can just press a button, and the water supply will be turned off.

All of these features are great, but one thing that you should be aware of is the fact that this is an expensive Smart Water Controller. It’s expensive, due to the quality of the design and the features it gives you.


In the end, if you don’t mind paying a somewhat hefty sum of money, and you want a Smart Water Controller that is truly one of the best, then the Grohe Sense Guard Smart Water Controller is a great choice!

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