As robot vacuums have become more and more popular, there has been a major increase in the number of robot vacuums that are being manufactured.

ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum

Today, you have many different choices when it comes to the robot vacuums that are available. There are so many robot vacuums available, that it can be very difficult to determine which robot vacuum, is the right robot vacuum for you.

Today, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at two robot vacuums. The first robot vacuum we’re going to look at, is the ILIFE A7. The ILIFE A7 is a very good robot vacuum, that comes from ILIFE. It has some great features and attributes, and works very well.

Then, after we look at the ILIFE A7, we’re going to take a look at the ILIFE A9. The ILIFE A9 is a lot like the ILIFE A7, but it has its differences and distinctions. You are going to learn about those differences and distinctions, so that you can see how the ILIFE A9 compares to the ILIFE A7.

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What Does The ILIFE A7 Have To Offer?

The ILIFE A7 is quite inexpensive. What’s especially great about the low price-tag of the ILIFE A7, is the fact that it’s equipped with a variety of different features. Some of these features, are features that are rarely found in lower-priced robot vacuums.

ILIFE A7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with High Suction, LCD Display

To use the ILIFE A7, you’re going to be relying on either the remote control, or your smartphone. What’s great about using your smartphone, is the fact that you can access the robot vacuum from anywhere. But, what’s also great is that most lower-budget robot vacuums don’t have smartphone functionality.

Using your smartphone, you can directly control the robot vacuum. This makes it easy to clean in certain areas and spaces that the robot vacuum might not be able to reach easily. Plus, you can also adjust the cleaning mode, and create a custom schedule for the vacuum.

ILIFE A7 Remote-controlled Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with High Suction

None of these features are particularly complex or elaborate, and they’re not that unique, either. But, they don’t need to be, because they work incredibly well, as they are, and they provide a very enjoyable and pleasant vacuuming experience.

Of course, even if the features of this robot vacuum were great, it wouldn’t matter if the performance wasn’t very good. Fortunately, the ILIFE A7 is quite powerful, as robot vacuums go.

Here’s how the ILIFE A7 works: it relies on a cleaning system that consists of three-stages. The first of these stages is that of sweeping, which is when the brushes loosen all of the dirt, dust, and debris that is being cleaned. Then, that same material is lifted from the surface, such as a hardwood floor or a carpet. And, to end the process. It’s thrown into the suction pathway, and vacuumed up.

You can use the ILIFE A7 on hard floors, and soft floors. For hard floors, such as those made of wood, stone, tile, marble, etc; you’ll have an easy and enjoyable vacuuming experience. But, for soft floors, the ILIFE A7 is a little less consistent. Sometimes, it works very well at picking up dirt, dust, and debris within those surfaces. Other times, it isn’t able to get all of that material.

For what the ILIFE A7 offers, and for the price that you pay, it’s an exceptional value! It may not be the best robot vacuum available, but it’s certainly one of the best and one of the most affordable.

ILIFE A7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with High Suction

What Does The ILIFE A9 Have To Offer?

The ILIFE A9 follows the same overall design trends that the ILIFE A7 started. Namely, it’s very affordable, and it offers some great features that you wouldn’t normally expect a lower-priced robot vacuum to have. But, with that being said, this is a more expensive robot vacuum than the ILIFE A9.

ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

To use the ILIFE A9, you’ll be relying on your smartphone, or the remote control. Both options work very well, and you have access to the features that you would expect. Features such as scheduling and being able to choose the cleaning mode.

Unfortunately, though, the smartphone app isn’t supported on certain versions of Android, and certain versions of iOS. Make sure to do your research when it comes to that, if you intend to use the smartphone app. If you can’t, though, the remote control works perfectly fine.

You’ll notice that there’s a strange device in the package that the ILIFE A9 comes in. This device is known as an “Electrowall”, and it’s exceptionally useful. What it does is it emits a signal, and this signal is picked up by the ILIFE A9, when it’s vacuuming.

When this signal is detected, the ILIFE A9 knows not to go past that particular device. It creates a “virtual wall”. This is an extremely useful device, because it gives you the ability to prevent the ILIFE A9 from vacuuming certain areas, while making it easier for you to contain the ILIFE A9 within one or two rooms that need to be vacuumed extra thoroughly.

In comparison to the ILIFE A7, the performance of this vacuum is better. Not by a lot, but it’s better on softer floors. This improvement is due to the CyclonePower cleaning system, which is a cleaning system that allows for the suction to be more consistent, and more intense. On especially thick floors, this system is great for vacuuming up the little pieces of dirt and debris that are lodged within the floor.

Overall, the ILIFE A9 isn’t that much different from the ILIFE A7. It looks quite similar, and it offers many of the same features. But, it does give you an Electrowall, and you have access to more performance.

If you don’t mind spending some extra money, and would like a robot vacuum that’s similar to the ILIFE A7, but a little more powerful and with an Electrowall device, then the ILIFE A9 is a wonderful choice for you!

ILIFE A9 Vacuum Cleaner

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