HOBOT 268 vs. 288 vs. 298: Window Cleaning Automatic Robots

Today, we are taking a look at three window cleaning automatic robots. The HOBOT 268, the HOBOT 288, and the HOBOT 298.

HOBOT 268 Window Cleaning Automatic Robots

All three of these window cleaning automatic robots have their own distinct features, attributes, and qualities. Each one is quite good, but one of them will, inevitably, serve your purposes and intentions better than the other window cleaning automatic robots on this list.

With that being said, let’s dive right in!

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The HOBOT 268 is a simple window cleaning automatic robot. It’s small and lightweight, weighing just over 2.5 pounds, and it doesn’t offer that much in the way of features or unique attributes. However, it’s quite powerful, and more than effective, when it comes to getting the job done.

HOBOT 268 vs. 288 vs. 298

First off, you have a strong vacuum motor. This motor easily attaches to the surface of your window, ensuring that it doesn’t loosen or fall off of the window. There is a microfiber cloth that is used to remove the dirt and gunk off of your window, and the motor makes it easier for this microfiber cloth to get all of that stuff off.

Using a laser sensor, the HOBOT 268 is able to detect the shape of your window and where it should, and should not, go. This makes cleaning more efficient than if the sensor was a bit more random.

Through the use of two “caterpillars” – a word that refers to the movement mechanism that many window cleaning robots have – the HOBOT 268 moves at a speed of 4.7 inches, per second. In 2.4 minutes, the HOBOT 268 can clean 1 square meter. The cleaning process is quick and efficient.

To control and activate the different features, you’ll need to use a small remote control that the robot comes with.

Ultimately, the HOBOT 268 is a simple and easy-to-use window cleaning automatic robot that works well on most windows and can clean just about anything that is on your window.


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One of the first things you’ll notice about the HOBOT 288 is that it has smartphone functionality. Instead of being restricted to the remote control, you can use your smartphone to access all of the different features that this device offers, which can make things easier and more convenient.

However, other than that main difference, there aren’t really any other notable features or inclusions that make this particular window cleaning automatic robot that much different from the HOBOT 268.

The motor is still fantastic. You have the same cleaning speed. You’ll be using the same type of microfiber cloth as a means of scrubbing down your window.

You won’t find many distinct differences or changes, in comparison to the HOBOT 268. Except for the smartphone functionality, and the price, which is quite a bit higher than that of the HOBOT 268. Because of this, many people choose to stick with the HOBOT 268, since the smartphone functionality is, for them, a smaller and less important feature.


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Finally, we come to the HOBOT 298, the final window cleaning automatic robot on our list. Now, this is definitely the most advanced, and most effective, out of all the HOBOT Window Cleaning Automatic Robots. And, of course, it has the price-tag to match it.

HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot

In terms of the features, you have all of the same features here, including that of smartphone functionality. But, there is one new feature that has been added, and this particular feature makes the cleaning process even more effective.

The HOBOT 298 comes with a water nozzle that is used, while the device is cleaning your window. This is an “ultrasonic water nozzle”, which means that it takes the water that is stored in the tank, and it turns it into mist, that is then sprayed onto the glass, allowing the moisture to wash away more of the gunk that is on your window.

Having a feature like this is great because most window cleaning automatic robots aren’t always able to clean every stain or piece of gunk on your window, due to the way that they are layered onto the window. But, with some water, it loosens up the stains and the gunk, making it easier for the microfiber pad to absorb it.


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At the end of the day, these are all decent window cleaning automatic robots. They are well-made and effective. However, they are all very expensive, due to the fact that window cleaning robots are a newer technology, so you need to consider whether or not this is a worthwhile investment.

Window Cleaning Automatic Robots

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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