How to Get Long Hair Out of Carpet?

If you are wondering how to get long hair out of a carpet, then you’ve come to the right place. By reading through this guide, you will learn all about how to get long hair out of your carpet in the easiest and most efficient way possible!

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So, What Is The Best Way To Get Long Hair Out Of A Carpet?

Removing long hair from any carpet can be a difficult task. But, what makes the task even more challenging is the fact that there are many different ways that you can remove long hair from a carpet, but they all tend to vary in their effectiveness. Because of this, it isn’t always easy to figure out what method is best for your exact needs.

Many people suggest using a vacuum cleaner to remove long hair from a carpet. But, the thing about vacuum cleaners is that many of them simply aren’t designed for removing long hair. Some of them, in fact, have sensitive brushrolls that vacuuming up long hair can damage.

Rather than using a vacuum cleaner – unless you have one specific type of vacuum, which we’ll talk about later – you should use a rubber broom that has thick rubber bristles. Rubber brooms are exceptionally cheap devices that make cleaning carpets and rugs very easy.

How Do You Get Long Hair Out Of A Carpet?

To remove long hair from your carpet, using a rubber broom, you need to push the rubber broom into the carpet. Make sure that the bristles are within the carpet. Then, from that, you need to pull the rubber broom towards you.

Rather than pushing the rubber broom towards or away from you, as you would do with a regular broom, you need to pull the rubber broom towards you. By doing this, the long hairs will be attached to the individual bristles that are on the rubber broom. That way, when you pull the rubber broom out of the carpet, the hairs will be on those bristles, and you can dispose of them right after the process is finished.

If you need to remove more long hairs from your carpet – or just about anything else – you can follow the same process. Just push the rubber broom into the carpet, and then pull it towards you, so that you can gather up whatever is within the carpet.

How Do You Use A Vacuum Cleaner To Get Long Hair Out Of A Carpet?

As mentioned, most vacuum cleaners are not ideal for removing long hair from a carpet. But, there are certain vacuum cleaners that use a “pet brushroll”. These pet brushrolls are thick, dense, and designed to remove large amounts of pet hair.

If you own a vacuum cleaner with a pet brushroll, then you can use that vacuum to remove long hairs from carpets. All you need to do is push it along your carpet, and it will gather up and remove the hairs from that carpet. That way, you can dispose of them after the vacuuming process.


In the end, removing long hairs from a carpet is easy. All you need is a rubber broom or a vacuum with a pet brushroll, and that’s it!

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