How to Get Rid of Moths in Your Clothes Quickly?

Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for moths to nest themselves within the recesses of your clothing. But, fortunately, it isn’t very difficult to get rid of those moths. By reading through this guide, and following the process that we’ve outlined, you won’t have any problems cleaning your clothing up and removing those nasty moths.

Figure Out Which Clothing Items Are Infested

To begin the process, you must figure out which clothing items are infested. The easiest way to do this is to look carefully at each article of clothing. If you see holes or gaps in the clothing – holes and gaps that weren’t there previously – then that’s a sign that that article of clothing has been infested.

Beyond that, if you notice moth larvae or moth remains, then that also means there’s been an infestation. Make sure to sweep off the larvae and remains before moving onto the next step.

Take The Infested Items And Freeze Them

Right after you’ve gathered together the infested articles of clothing, you must freeze them. To accomplish this, you must take those articles of clothing and place them in a sealed bag. If you have multiple articles of clothing, you can place them in the same bag. But, make sure that they fit.

Once those items are in a sealed bag, you can place them in the freezer. Leave them in the freezer for twenty-four-hours. By doing this, the moths and larvae will die off.

Machine Wash The Previously Frozen Clothing Items

When twenty-four-hours have passed, you can take those bags of clothing out of the freezer. Take each one of those items and place them into the washing machine. Run the washing machine at a minimum temperature of 120-degrees.

Right after the washing process is finished, machine dry those same clothing items at the highest recommended drying setting. Once the items are completely dry, you can shake them off and see if any loose moth larvae or debris comes out. If so, sweep it up and dispose of it immediately.

Dry Clean The Clothing Items That Can’t Be Machine Washed

For articles of clothing that can’t be machine washed, you will need to dry clean them. To do this, you must dry clean these clothing items at the highest-recommended temperature. The heat will remove any stains that are on your clothing, while also eliminating any debris.

Right after you have dry cleaned your clothing, you will need to let those items dry. Then, you can shake them out and remove the debris that falls out, disposing of it immediately.

Thoroughly Clean The Source Of The Infestation

If the infested clothing was found in your closet, then you must clean that closet. Using a vacuum cleaner is the most effective way of doing this, as you can vacuum up moth larvae and debris. Applying an odorless insecticide to the surfaces within the closet is a great way of ensuring that the infestation is gone for good.


Moths are an absolute pain to deal with. But, by following the process we’ve outlined, you won’t have any problems removing moths from your clothing and clearing up a nasty infestation.

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