Intex 26325EH vs. Summer Waves Elite: Frame Pools

In this review, you are going to learn about two excellent frame pools. We’re going to start off with the Intex 26325EH, and then we’re going to take a look at the Summer Waves Elite. By the time you’re finished with this review, you’ll know which of these two frame pools is the right purchase for your needs.

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What Does The Intex 26325EH Have To Offer?

To start off the buying guide, we have the Intex 26325EH. Intex is known for the durability that all of their swimming pools possess and, because of that, this frame pool is no different. It is very strong and very durable.

Intex 26325EH Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Review
Intex 26325EH

Most of this durability is due to the aforementioned frame that comprises much of this pool. This frame consists of several materials, all of which are quite strong. Because of this, the frame can last for a long time, without showing any signs of wear and tear.

The majority of this frame pool’s frame is made of galvanized steel. By being composed of this galvanized steel, the frame can withstand plenty of wear and tear. If you know that you’ll be using this pool a lot, and would like to do so for a long time, then the galvanized steel frame is exceptionally useful.

What is especially useful is the fact that this galvanized steel frame is powder-coated. Since it’s powder-coated, it’s completely resistant to rust. Plus, this powder-coating isn’t just found on the outer layers of the galvanized steel frame, but also the interior layers. That way, even if water does penetrate the thick frame – which is very unlikely – it won’t cause the interior of the frame to rust.

Intex 26325EH Above Ground Pool Review
Intex 26325EH

When it comes to the size of this frame pool, it’s 16-feet-by-48-inches. While this isn’t as large as various other frame pools, it’s more than enough space for four-to-six-people to be in the pool at any given time.

To go along with this frame pool, Intex includes a few different components. These are components such as a sand filter pump, ground cloth, pool ladder, and pool cover. By having these components, you can more easily set this pool up and use it. Components such as the sand filter pump ensure that the water in the pool is clean and constantly being circulated. The pool ladder, to give another example, allows you to get into the pool.

While the set-up process for this frame pool isn’t as easy as that of other frame pools, it’s still pretty easy. Intex walks you through the whole process, with a guide that has been included. And, in total, it only takes forty-five-minutes to set this frame pool up.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a high-quality frame pool that is well-designed, durable, and great for families, the Intex 26325EH is a fantastic purchase!

Intex 26325EH

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What Does The Summer Waves Elite Have To Offer?

The Summer Waves Elite is composed of many features and design traits that you’ll find on the Intex 26325EH. While there are many similarities, however, there are also a variety of small differences. Because of these differences, this frame pool is unique in various ways, and this leads to a unique experience.

Summer Waves Elite Review
Summer Waves Elite

The measurements of this frame pool are as follows: 14-feet-by-42-inches. If you have a family of no more than six-people – give or take – and you would like them to all be able to swim together, then the size of this pool is more than sufficient. If it’s just you, then you’ll find that your swimming experience will be incredibly fun, due to the large size of this swimming pool and the sheer amount of space that you will have access to.

When it comes to the durability and construction of this frame pool, it’s quite good. For the most part, that is. The foundation that comprises this frame pool is excellent, and it offers durability and strength. Because of this foundation, the pool won’t bend, loosen, or collapse at any point. But, the pool liner is considerably less durable. It isn’t difficult for the pool liner to break or tear, allowing water to flow directly out of the swimming pool.

Summer Waves Elite Above Ground Pool Review
Summer Waves Elite

To set up this frame pool, you can simply follow the instructions that Summer Waves has included. Setting up this frame pool is quite easy, due to the simplicity of the components and the included instructions, which allows you to begin swimming as soon as possible.

In the end, if you are looking for a very affordable frame pool, and don’t mind a few issues with durability, then the Summer Waves Elite is a very good purchase.

Summer Waves Elite Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Review

Intex 26325EH vs. Summer Waves Elite: Frame Pools

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