Life Fitness E3 vs E5 Cross Trainer

The Life Fitness E3 and the E5 cross Trainer are innovative, quiet, and comfortable Elliptical Exercise Fitness Machines on the market today. The ellipticals are fixed with a titanium-colored frame that comes with black accent features. Each machine is about the same in size, only differing from each other by 1 pound and 2 inches.

Both versions feature a blue LCD screen with preset, engaging, and motivating workout programs. Using this Go Console on either machine will allow you to set up two to four user profiles. However, I wanted to see what makes them unique and whether the slightly higher price of the E5 was worth it.

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Life Fitness E3 vs E5 Let’s Talk Stride

The E3 Fitness and E5 Trainer both offer whisper stride technology with maintenance free ball bearings that minimize friction and give you a virtually silent workout experience.

The pair also offers a smooth fluid motion experience to make your walk more comfortable. Life fitness wanted their machine to provide a human-like flow of movement to make it more natural and comfortable to use. Based on their Extensive biomechanical research I would have to say they have succeeded.

However, with the newer E5 model they have added an adjustable stride feature where you can electronically change the stride length anywhere from eighteen to twenty-four inches. Making the E5 a more suitable option if you have a naturally longer stride or if there will be more than one user.

While the E3 has a stride length of only 20 inches and is not adjustable but may be perfect if that is your stride length and you will be the only one using the elliptical. Either way the adjustable stride is a fantastic addition for anyone who prefers to customize their workouts and make them more effective.

Built For Comfort

The E3 and E5 were carefully designed to give you an immense amount of comfort boosting features. Life Fitness has provided cushioned pedal inserts to ensure comfort while operating both the E3 and E5 models. Each comes with a wireless chest strap for telemetry heart rate monitoring eliminating the tangled cord fiasco.

They also have two built-in cup holders for your water bottle and protein shake. Plus, a spot to place your phone so you can listen to music or watch your favorite show while working out. Each fitness machine has stable handles and multi grip handles with sensors that monitor your heart rate. However, the E5 model does have the bonus feature of being able to also use the multi grip handles to adjust your stride length without much effort.

The Go Console

The Go Console is included on both these elliptical models. It is the blue LCD screen where you can find those engaging workouts I mentioned earlier. This is also where you can activate the Coach Zone, that has motivational workouts that target specific muscle groups helping you get the most out of your workout.

The Go Console is easy to use and has a simple yet aesthetically pleasing design. The buttons on the lower console will light up when in use and automatically dim when no longer in use. That is perfect for when you are trying to squeeze in a late-night workout without disturbing the rest of your home.

E3 Or E5

While the E3 and E5 are equally suitable options if you’re in the market for an elliptical fitness machine. If you don’t mind the slight price increase it might be worth opting for the E5.

Especially if there are going to be multiple people in your home using it. The adjustable stride technology would make this model easier and more comfortable to share. However, if only one person is going to be actively using the elliptical and you don’t need a stride bigger or smaller than twenty inches. Then E3 Fitness is a good option for you, and you’d be saving yourself a little cash as well.

What The Buyers Liked

After rummaging around the web for some informative reviews, I found that most buyers were content with either the E3 or E5 elliptical options. They seemed to really appreciate the experience of having two cup holders that would accommodate their water bottle and protein shake or smoothies within the arm’s reach.

There were a lot of positive mentions about the whisper technology feature. With quite a few people saying things along the lines of “The E5 elliptical is so quite compared to the previous brands I have used.” While others were raving about how motivational the Go Console provided workouts are and how they have helped them on their fitness journey. Several people also mentioned how convenient it was to be able to have two to four profiles set up on one fitness machine.

Therefore, making switching between each member of their households custom set workouts a breeze. With E5 Fitness many people noted that the adjustable stride made it more ideal for shareable use than the E3’s standard nonadjustable twenty-inch stride.

Life Fitness E3 Cross Trainer Elliptical Exercise...
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  • HEART RATE MONITORING Contact heart rate sensors on moving multigrip handles and stationary grips, telemetry...

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Life Fitness E3 vs E5 Conclusion

Whether you get the E3 or E5 you will have a quiet, comfortable and efficient work out. These next level fitness machines show they were built with you and your comfort in mind with their overall practical design and notable features. They offer a sleek design with natural colors that would complement any home décor nicely.

Essentially, the E3 has almost everything the E5 has to offer except for the adjustable stride length technology. Therefore, it really just comes down to how important that feature is to you. Be that as it may, if you decide to spend a little less on the E3 or opt to spend a little more on the E5 I can confidently say you won’t regret adding one of these Life Fitness machines to your home.

Life Fitness E5 Cross Trainer Elliptical Exercise...
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  • APPEALING VARIETY - Multigrip handles contain heart rate sensors, with integrated stride and resistance...
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