Today, we’re going to be looking at robotic pool cleaner filter bags. Specifically, a couple of questions regarding these filter bags;

“How do they work?”
“Where can you buy them?”

Robotic Pool Cleaner Filter Bags

Before we get into those two questions, though, there is another question that must be answered…

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Why Is It Important For You To Clean Your Filter Bag?

Most people understand the basic idea of owning a filter bag. And that idea is, well, the fact that you need to clean these filter bags. If you don’t, it’s going to make the process of cleaning your pool a lot more difficult and annoying than it needs to be.

And yet… too many people never actually bother to clean their filter bag. Or, they do, but they do so on a very infrequent basis, which inevitably leads to a variety of problems.

So, why is it so important for you to clean your filter bags? What problems arise if you fail to do this?

Don't Clean that Filter Bag

Let’s start with the basic idea, and that’s the fact that most robotic pool cleaners rely on a certain amount of water flowing into them at all times. This water flow enables the robotic pool cleaner to move around your pool, without being constricted or sluggish.

When the filter bag is full of debris, this severely inhibits the flow of water. Naturally, this leads to slower movements and a cleaning process that is a lot less swift and speedy.

This also weighs down the robotic pool cleaner itself. When this happens, your robotic pool cleaner has a much more difficult time climbing up walls and moving around.

However, when you clean it, the water can flow, unimpeded, and movement remains fluid and efficient.

Disposable Filter Cloth Bags Automatic Pool Cleaners Robots

How Do Robotic Pool Cleaner Filter Bags Work?

Most of the time, access to the filter bag is found underneath the robotic pool cleaner. Rather than, say, on the sides or top of the robotic pool cleaner.

This is because most robotic pool cleaners use brushes and suction systems that are at the bottom of the cleaner itself. Since these cleaners have many similarities to the design of vacuums, this makes a lot of sense.

Now, the brushes and the suction system of the robotic pool cleaner enables debris to be brushed up and then sucked into the robotic pool cleaner. All of this debris goes into a filter bag that is used to store all of this debris.

Other models use different methods of holding the debris. But, filter bags are generally thought of as the most effective, and most affordable method.

Most of the time, to ensure that these filter bags stay in place, they are anchored to a wire frame. Having a wireframe is nice because it forces the bag to remain relatively immobile, so that debris can flow into the bag, without pushing the bag around too much.

Disposable Automatic Pool Cleaner Bags

How Do You Clean A Filter Bag?

The process of cleaning most robotic pool cleaner filter bags is straightforward.

All you need to do is unplug your robotic pool cleaner, flip it over, and then open up the hatch at the bottom. Underneath this hatch, there will be the filter bag.

Most of the time, it’s attached to a wire frame. Gently pull it away from the frame.

Once the bag has been pulled away, take a look at it. How dirty is it? Is there any damage?

If there isn’t, then turn the bag inside-out. That way, the dirt is on the outside. Once you’ve done that, take the hose – or, depending on how big/small the bag is, the faucet might work – and fill it up from the inside.

Wipe off the remaining dirt gently, using a washcloth or paper towel.

After that, put the bag back into the wire frame support. This differs between pool cleaners, but the process should always be very simple.

Once that’s finished, you’re done!

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Where Can I Buy A Good Filter Bag?

You can find good filter bags in a variety of places.

Online stores often have them. And these may be the best places to get them, due to the relatively low costs and the sheer variety of options that you have.

However, if you prefer to buy in person, there are many different pool and hardware stores that will have good filter bags. You can even find them at popular chains that sell outdoor equipment.

Pool Cleaner Filter Bags

Top 15 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners for Tiled/Vinyl/Above Ground Pools

Well, that’s it for this Robotic Pool Cleaner Article. We hope you found it helpful!

If you’re still having trouble deciding the Robotic Pool Cleaner that’s best for you see our full guide on these robotic pool cleaners.

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