Roomba i4+ vs S9+

When it comes to intelligent home cleaning, iRobot’s Roomba series has truly revolutionized the concept. Two particularly standout models in this series are the Roomba i4+ and the Roomba S9+. Each offers a unique set of features designed to make your life easier and your home cleaner. But how do you decide between these two? To answer this, we’ve put together an in-depth comparison, breaking down each model’s design, performance, and standout features to help you make the right decision. Buckle up, as we navigate the world of robot vacuums in this comprehensive comparison of the Roomba i4+ vs S9+.

Overview of the Roomba i4+

The Roomba i4+ is a mid-range robot vacuum that offers a balance of performance, features, and affordability. A notable feature is its Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal that allows the i4+ to empty its own dust bin into a disposable bag, a big plus for those who want a more hands-off cleaning experience. It’s also equipped with advanced navigation capabilities, ensuring efficient cleaning paths around your home.

Overview of the Roomba S9+

Stepping up in the lineup, the Roomba S9+ is iRobot’s top-of-the-line model, offering the most advanced features in the series. It boasts superior suction power, a unique D-shape design for better corner cleaning, and a more advanced navigation system. Like the i4+, it also includes the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal feature. If you’re seeking a no-compromise robot vacuum, the S9+ pulls out all the stops.

Design and Aesthetics

Aesthetically, the Roomba i4+ follows the traditional circular design that iRobot is known for. It comes in a sleek, dark grey finish that adds a touch of elegance to any room it cleans.

On the other hand, the Roomba S9+ sports a unique D-shaped design, a strategic choice that allows it to better clean corners and edges. Its high-gloss bronze finish gives it a premium appearance that matches its top-tier performance.

Cleaning Performance

When it comes to cleaning performance, both models deliver. However, the S9+ has a leg up with 40x the suction power of iRobot’s baseline models. It’s designed to tackle stubborn dirt and debris, even from carpets, with ease.

The i4+, while not as powerful as the S9+, still offers impressive cleaning capabilities that cater to most day-to-day cleaning needs. It effectively captures 99% of pollen, mold, dust mites, and cat and dog allergens.

Navigation and Mapping

Both models utilize iRobot’s iAdapt technology for intelligent navigation. The i4+ uses iAdapt 2.0, efficiently navigating around furniture and other obstacles to clean your home.

The S9+ employs the more advanced iAdapt 3.0, which includes Imprint Smart Mapping. This feature enables the S9+ to learn, map, and adapt to your home’s layout over time for more efficient cleaning paths.

Smart Home Integration

In the era of smart homes, the ability to control your devices through voice commands or smartphone apps is a major plus. Both the Roomba i4+ and S9+ are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, allowing you to start, stop, or schedule cleaning sessions with simple voice commands.

The iRobot Home App, compatible with both models, provides additional control, including the ability to set cleaning schedules, customize cleaning preferences, monitor cleaning history, and more.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery life is key in ensuring your vacuum can handle the cleaning tasks at hand. The Roomba i4+ has a solid battery life of up to 75 minutes, which should suffice for most small to medium-sized homes.

The Roomba S9+ steps it up with a longer battery life of up to 120 minutes, perfect for larger homes or more intensive cleaning sessions. When the battery runs low, both models return to their charging base automatically, and then resume cleaning where they left off once sufficiently charged.

Dust Bin Capacity and Maintenance

Less time spent emptying your robot vacuum’s dust bin means more time saved. The Roomba i4+ and S9+ both feature Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal, meaning they automatically empty their dust bins into a disposable bag located in their charging base. This bag can hold up to 30 bins’ worth of dirt and debris.

While the exact dust bin capacity isn’t specified by iRobot, the S9+’s larger size could imply a larger dust bin capacity.

Price and Value for Money

In terms of cost, the Roomba i4+ is positioned as a more budget-friendly option compared to the S9+. It provides a substantial array of features and excellent performance at its price point, offering great value for money.

On the contrary, the Roomba S9+ commands a premium price, reflecting its status as iRobot’s most advanced model. If budget isn’t a constraint, and you seek the highest possible performance and feature set, the S9+ is worth the investment.

XI. Pros and Cons: Roomba i4+

Pros of the i4+ include its automatic dirt disposal, solid cleaning performance, and value for money. However, the cons could be its lesser suction power compared to the S9+, and the absence of advanced mapping features found in higher-end models.

XII. Pros and Cons: Roomba S9+

The S9+ shines with its superior suction power, advanced mapping capabilities, extended battery life, and unique design for better corner cleaning. The downside is primarily its higher price tag.

Who Should Buy the Roomba i4+

The Roomba i4+ is an ideal choice for those seeking a balance between cost and performance. If you want a high-quality robot vacuum that can handle everyday cleaning with ease, while not feeling the need for extra bells and whistles, the i4+ could be your perfect cleaning companion.

XIV. Who Should Buy the Roomba S9+

The Roomba S9+ is tailored for those who demand the best of the best. If you have a larger home, have heavy-duty cleaning needs, or simply want the most advanced features available, the S9+ is an excellent choice. Its price might be steep, but the level of convenience and performance it offers justifies the cost for those who can afford it.

User Experience

XV. User Experiences: Roomba i4+

Users of the Roomba i4+ appreciate its reliability, self-emptying feature, and cleaning performance. They also value the peace of mind knowing that the i4+ effectively captures allergens.

XVI. User Experiences: Roomba S9+

The Roomba S9+ earns praise from users for its powerful suction, advanced mapping, and corner-cleaning capability. Users love the extended battery life and often express that the S9+ exceeds their expectations.


Choosing between the Roomba i4+ and the S9+ comes down to your personal cleaning needs, budget, and preference for advanced features. The i4+ offers an excellent mix of performance and affordability, while the S9+ delivers top-tier features and cleaning power at a premium price. Both models uphold iRobot’s reputation for high-quality robot vacuums, making either choice a win.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do both the Roomba i4+ and S9+ support smart home integration?

Yes, both models support Google Assistant and Alexa, and can be controlled via the iRobot Home App.

Which model has better battery life?

The Roomba S9+ has a longer battery life of up to 120 minutes, compared to the i4+’s 75 minutes.

Do both models automatically empty their dust bins?

Yes, both the i4+ and S9+ feature Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal.

Which model is more suitable for larger homes?

The Roomba S9+, with its advanced mapping capabilities and longer battery life, is better suited for larger homes.

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