Shark X40 Lightweight Cordless Hand Vacuum Mode Review

In today’s world, there are a lot of vacuum cleaner manufacturers. Most of this has to do with the fact that these are some of the most popular tools available, and this popularity has to do with the efficiency that these tools offer. With a good vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to spend nearly as much time cleaning and vacuuming, and taking care of things. Instead, the entire process of cleaning is much simpler and much more effective.

Today, one of the best vacuum cleaner manufacturers is Shark. Shark is quite popular, because they have released many different vacuum cleaners, and each one of those vacuum cleaners was exceptional. More importantly, though, they have a keen understanding of the different vacuum cleaner markets, and what people want.

Shark X40 Lightweight Cordless

More and more people are opting to buy stick vacuum cleaners. These are vacuum cleaners that you can hold in one hand, and use to vacuum all kinds of smaller spaces, as well as larger spaces, without experiencing any difficulties. Something that a regular vacuum doesn’t allow you to do.

Shark saw this trend, and they capitalized on it and released the Shark X40 Lightweight Cordless Hand Vacuum. This is an excellent vacuum, and today, you’re going to be learning all about the unique features and attributes that it possesses! By the time this guide is over, you will know whether or not this is the right vacuum for you.

Shark X40 Lightweight Cordless Hand Vacuum Mode

What Does The Shark X40 Lightweight Cordless Hand Vacuum Offer?

With a weight of just under eight-pounds, this is not a heavy vacuum. And that is, of course, how it should be, because this vacuum has been designed so that you can hold it in one hand and to move it around and control it, using that single hand. If the vacuum weighed much more than that, then you would have a more difficult time doing that.

To aid in this mobility and freedom, the Shark X40 is cordless. It doesn’t require a power cord of any sort, and instead, it relies entirely on batteries. Two batteries are included, and these batteries are used to power the vacuum. On a single charge, you have access to forty-minutes of battery-life.

In comparison to other vacuums of this nature, this isn’t that much battery life, but for the price you are paying, it’s not an insignificant amount and should be good for vacuuming most spaces, assuming that they aren’t too big.

Shark X40

On the cleaner head of this vacuum, there is a nice brush roll. Two of them, to be specific, but they are both the same. This brush roll consists of many smaller bristles, and these small bristles are great at picking up dirt, dust, and debris, from off of the ground. Each bristle is strong and sturdy, which does aid in the process of vacuuming and removing those things, but they also make it easier to use this vacuum on a lot of other types of surfaces, as well.

Unlike many other stick vacuums, this vacuum works very well when vacuuming on carpeting, and other soft surfaces. This is due to the fantastic brushroll, as well as the excellent suction that it provides. When you combine the strong brushroll with the powerful suction, you get a very powerful vacuum that can clean just about any surface. Part of this is, naturally, enhanced by the size of this vacuum, since it can move within small spaces, and spaces that are big, as well as being able to move through spaces that are underneath carpets, and things of that nature.

Shark X40 Stick Vacuum

By pressing a button, you can turn the Shark X40 into a handheld vacuum. Instead of being tall and gaunt, the vacuum is now quite small, and you can hold it in your hand and move it across the walls, and the couch and furniture, as well as all kinds of other surfaces.

You probably won’t be using this feature primarily, since it does limit the suction power and general effectiveness of the vacuum, but if you want to clean a space that is really small, or if you want to clean things like upholstery and the interior of your car, then it is best to use the handheld vacuum for that.


If you are on the market for a stick vacuum that is inexpensive and efficient, while possessing a lot of suction power and versatility, then the Shark X40 Lightweight Cordless Hand Vacuum is one of the best choices out there!

Shark X40 Lightweight Cordless Hand Vacuum Mode Review

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