WOODBRIDGE vs. TOTO Elongated One Piece Toilet

Our objective today is to go over the Woodbridge One Piece Toilet and its counterpart, the Toto One Piece Toilet. One piece toilets are modern, sleek additions to your washroom that have many benefits, not least of which is easier cleaning and intuitive comfort features. We will cover both toilets and determine which ones might offer you the best value in comfort and style.

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The Woodbridge

Who thought a toilet would be the very piece that elevates your washroom? This one-piece toilet bidet unit offers stylish comfort and luxurious included features.


Comfort and amenities

This low-profile unit offers elite features that are difficult to find in your average washroom. It has instant water heating technology that not only heats the water but also the seat–with 5 different heat settings.

It has an antibacterial bidet function that offers a posterior wash setting, a feminine wash setting, and a pulsating massage setting.

A powerful clean

This toilet ensures that steps are taken to foster a clean environment long before you need to go over it with the cleaning brush and harsh washroom cleaner. It boasts an automatic or manual powerful carbon filter deodorizer and a powerful automatic and manual flush setting, as well as a mountable remote control.

The 6-speed dryer setting helps eliminate odors and any scummy water. The self-cleaning nozzles top the convenience off as well as a powerful gravity flush system that does not rely on your water pressure.

Convenient extras

The Woodbridge also offers conveniences like a handy LED night light setting as well as being completely waterproof with leakage protection. The heated water and seat function have a built-in burn protection setting, to avoid discomfort. The automatic open and close function ensures any odors or particles stay where they should.


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The Toto

This high-efficiency one-piece toilet unit offers a combination of aesthetic and powerful cleaning capabilities.

TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II
TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II

The Tornado Flush

This unit boasts a powerful dual nozzle flushing system that creates a centrifugal force for an above-average clean. This technology prevents harmful grime buildup around the waterline of the toilet.

Intuitive cleaning

Having a one-unit toilet eliminates the dreaded gap between the bowl and the tank, making it so much more smooth and easy to clean. This technology also eliminates leaks due to the lack of bolts and screws.

Not only does the form assist the cleaning, but so does the function. The Tornado is also equipped with a glaze that inhibits harmful particles and germs from clinging to the ceramic bowl.

Expert hardware

Included with this unit is a SoftClose lid, which prevents that awful and ugly-sounding toilet seat slam and reduces the risk of damage to the toilet or yourself. The hinge system on the lid ensures that it closes softly every time.

This unit is built in universal height, which is suitable and comfortable for almost all users.

Toto MS642124CEFG#11 Nexus One
Toto MS642124CEFG#11 Nexus One

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Contrast & Compare


The differences between these toilets are notable. The Woodbridge offers a much sleeker, more low-profile frame and boasts a significantly more modern, luxe look. The Toto still bears the format of toilets from decades past.

The Woodbridge offers more luxurious amenities such as a heated seat, temperature control, a 3-setting bidet, and a self-cleaning system with a non-gravity flush. The Toto also boasts a sophisticated flushing and cleaning system, but the flushing for Toto uses water pressure.
Both are the highly sought-after, modernized one-piece units that conveniently eliminate the grime trap that’s always so difficult to clean. This style removes any potential leakage issues as well.

Both feature a lid system that eliminates the horrible ‘toilet slam’ that we all grew up with, and of course, this also eliminates potential cracking or harm to you and your family.


Both toilet units are sleek, attractive additions to any washroom and will do their respective jobs with aplomb.

If you’re after a significant toilet that offers nearly every modern amenity you could want in the washroom realm, Woodbridge is the best option. It even has a cozy, convenient LED light, for those nights that you don’t want to ‘lose your tired’ but still need to head to the loo to take care of business.

TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II
TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II

If you’re after a more traditional but still want something modern, attractive, comfortable, and offers all of the convenience a one-piece toilet can offer, then the Toto is for you.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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