In this article, we’re going to be comparing two canister vacuums. The Bissell Zing 2156A, and the Eureka Mighty Mite.

Bissell Zing versus Eureka Mighty Mite

Bissell Zing

Now, these are both great canister vacuums. Both of them are well-made, efficient, and affordable. But, one of these canister vacuums is going to be the better choice for you. By the time you reach the end of this article, you’re going to know which one of these vacuums is the best choice for you.

With that said, let’s start off with the Bissell Zing!

Bissell Zing 2156A

As canister vacuums go, the Bissell Zing is a pretty small one, and very light. Weighing just 7.5 pounds, you won’t have a problem picking this one up and moving it around, and you definitely won’t have any problem finding a nice place to store it.

Right on the top of the vacuum, you’ll notice a small dirt cup. While Bissell hasn’t provided an exact measurement of how much this dirt cup can hold, it’s big enough to hold a decent amount of debris, assuming the individual pieces of debris aren’t too large, and you can easily take it off of the vacuum by grabbing the handle, then you can empty it into the nearest garbage bin.

Eureka Mighty Mite versus Bissell Zing

Eureka Mighty Mite

Below that, there is the hose, which is connected to the brush head. This is an excellent brush head that offers a lot of flexibility and a lot of versatility. Part of this is due to the design of the canister vacuum and the hose itself, which is designed for you to move it around and to push it in different directions and into tight spaces. The other aspect of this flexibility/versatility is due to the fact that the brush head has been designed with both hard floors and soft floors, in mind. You can clean both easily.

To aid in the cleaning process, there are two accessories that Bissell has provided. The first is a crevice tool, which is for cleaning small crevices, nooks, and crannies. Then, the second is a dusting brush, which you can use to remove dust from various spaces and surfaces gently.

For a simple and easy-to-use canister vacuum, you really can’t go wrong with the Bissell Zing. It works well on both surface types, and it gives you a lot of flexibility. Not as much power as other canister vacuums, but it is by no means ineffective, and it works very well.

Bissell Zing

Bissell Zing

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G

In contrast to the Bissell Zing, the Eureka Mighty Mite is more focused on sheer power, rather than flexibility.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the Eureka Mighty Mite weighs a total of 9 pounds. This is very light, and you won’t have any problems storing the vacuum or picking it up and moving it around.

The motor, which is contained in a small chassis, right by the dust bin, runs at 12 amps. For a low-budget canister vacuum, such as this one, that is quite a bit of power. This gives you more than enough suction power to vacuum up all kinds of different types of debris.

Now, Eureka has designed the Mighty Mite with a powerful brush roll that has been designed, specifically, for carpets. You can use it on hard floors, and it will work very well, but the brush roll has been designed to be used on carpets, so if you have primarily carpet flooring, this is a great canister vacuum.

Eureka Mighty Mite

Eureka Mighty Mite

There are several accessories that come with this vacuum, as well. You have a crevice tool, which is used to clean crevices, nooks, and crannies, that the main hose would have difficulty reaching and cleaning. Then, there is an upholstery nozzle, which you can use to clean your couch, chair, and even the interior of your car. Finally, there is the carpet/bare floor nozzle, which works best with carpets, but can clean bare floors easily, and is very good at sucking up dust and pet hair.

Unlike the Bissell Zing, the Eureka Mighty Mite is not a bagless canister vacuum. Instead, it uses a bag to hold all of the dirt, dust, and debris you pick up, and because of this, you will need to replace these bags every now and then.

At the end of the day, that’s the biggest flaw simply because bagless systems are a bit more convenient, and less expensive down the road.

Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum

Which One Is Better?

If you want a simple and affordable canister vacuum that is flexible and easy-to-use, the Bissell Zing is fantastic. However, if you want something that is a bit more powerful, then the Eureka Mighty Mite is the ideal choice.

Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

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