The brand “DEIK” may not be the first one to come up when you think of robot vacuums. They certainly aren’t the most popular or well-known brand, but despite that, they are a brand that must be noted.

DEIK makes simple vacuums. Easy to use vacuums. Vacuums that don’t require a tremendous amount of knowledge or tinkering to use properly. The vacuums that they manufacture are well-made, intuitive, and, of course, powerful.

DEIK Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Today, we’re going to be looking at the DEIK Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This is the newest version of their robot vacuum cleaner product, and it has many excellent features. We’re going to be looking at those, along with the myriad of benefits that a robot vacuum cleaner can give you.

Now, let’s begin!

What Can The DEIK Robot Vacuum Cleaner Give Me?

The device itself comes equipped with three different brushes. You have two individual side brushes, and a brush that is V-shaped. When these brushes are combined with the powerful suction of the vacuum – 1200Pa, for an exact measurement – it’s very easy for dirt, dust, and debris to be sucked away from all parts of the room.

One feature that has been advertised strongly is that of “3 In 1 Cleaning”. Specifically, the ability to vacuum, sweep and dry clean the entirety of any particular space. As for the cleaning itself, it tends to focus mostly on hairs, as well as smaller chunks of dirt and debris.

DEIK Robot Vacuum Cleaner


In conjunction with the “3-In-1 cleaning” function, you also have access to five cleaning modes. One of which is simply “Auto Clean” – pretty self-explanatory – but there are four other modes. These modes are “Single Room Mode”, “Spot Mode”, “Edge Mode”, as well as “Max Mode.” Each one has its own particular function and general use.

For example, Single Room Mode is for cleaning a single room, rather than the entirety of a floor. Spot Mode is for cleaning a specific spot on the floor, rather than the entirety of a floor or one single room. Edge Mode is for cleaning edges. Max Mode turns the suction speed up by two-times.

When dirt, dust, and debris is being collected, it all goes straight into a dustbin. This dustbin has a total size of 900 milliliters – or just under one-liter. For a robot vacuum, this is quite exceptional. Most of them have dustbins that are around 500 milliliters. Due to this size, you can vacuum more without having to pause and empty the dustbin as frequently.

The filtration system for capturing and filtering the dirt, dust, and debris is quite nice, as well. Now, it isn’t a particularly complex system, but it’s designed to prevent any sort of spillage from happening, making it a lot easier for you to empty the dustbin, without any messes being accidentally created.

DEIK TR650 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Finally, no robot vacuum would be complete without a good set of sensors. Fortunately, this one has some great sensors. Sensors that enable it to effortlessly navigate around your home, avoiding any and all obstacles, sensing places where there are especially large messes or piles of dirt build-up

If there is one last thing that must be mentioned about the Deik robot vacuum, though, it’s that it doesn’t have any smartphone or smart home functionality. For some people, this may be a dealbreaker. Since you are confined using the remote for all of those features mentioned above, and this can severely limit using your robot vacuum.

DEIK TR650 Robot Vacuum

Why Should I Purchase A Robot Vacuum?

Robot vacuums are definitely one of the most recognizable modern tools. And there’s a good reason for that. No other cleaning tool allows you to so thoroughly and completely automate the entire process of cleaning.

Most people don’t enjoy vacuuming. More and more people don’t have the time to vacuum, due to their busy schedules. You might be one of those people, and if you are, a robot vacuum can give you a couple of things that you won’t find anywhere else.

First off, it gives you a nice, clean home, without having actually to be there to do the cleaning. Second, these are small and compact devices. Very easy to store, especially if you are already a bit pressed for space. Third, robot vacuums are better than ever today, and this means that they have a lot more versatility when it comes to the types of surfaces that they clean. Today, you can clean surfaces such as carpets, hardwood floors, and tile, for example, all using the same vacuum! Would you like to try using a robot vacuum to ease the cleaning chore? Try the DEIK Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

DEIK TR650 Robot Vacuum Review

Well, that’s it for this DEIK Robot Vacuum Review. We hope you found it helpful!

If you’re still having trouble deciding the Robot Vacuum that’s best for you see our full guide on robot vacuums here.

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