De’Longhi ECP3420 vs EC260BK Stilosa

We compared two De’Longhi espresso machines, the ECP3420 and the EC260BK Stilosa, to find out which one would get you the better cup of espresso and remain the best bang for the buck. To do this, we evaluated the machines along with key technical specifications while keeping an eye on the consistency and taste of the espresso it produced under different conditions.

De’Longhi ECP3420 vs EC260BK Features

Too much or too little pressure will alter the taste of the coffee adversely. The sweet spot for espressos is between 9 and 15 bars of pressure. In this regard, both the ECP 3420 and the EC260BK consistently provided 15 bars of pressure without fail.

When choosing an espresso maker, considering its steam pressure mechanism is important to understand the flavor profile you can expect from every cup. What you need to consider is consistency. Having fifteen bars today and fourteen tomorrow will result in inconsistent taste profiles.

That was not the case with both the De’Longhi models we tested. They consistently produced identical steam pressure.

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Temperature Control

Temperature, like pressure, determines the taste of your cup of espresso. Fluctuation in temperature will also have an impact on the pressure of the system. At the optimal pressure and temperature, the steam will be able to extract the wholeness the beans have to offer.

Both the ECP3420 and the EC260BK use the same temperature control system and consistently provide the optimal temperature for your espresso experience.


Part of making a fulfilling cup of espresso is when controlling the size of the coffee grain. The ability to ground your own beans, increases the freshness of the cup because ground coffee oxidizes faster than whole beans and that has an adverse effect on the taste of the final cup.

Both De’Longhi models we tested here do not offer a built-in coffee bean grinder.


While it is more important to have a better-tasting cup of coffee compared to the aesthetics of the machine, when the two machines produce almost identical cups of espresso, then it is important to evaluate them based on how they look.

The De’Longhi ECP3420 is the older of the two models, having been designed in 2015. As such, even if the output is of good quality, it may not look as sharp as the De’Longhi EC260BK.

The build quality between the two, however, is consistent. They are both sturdy, solid, well-designed, and sleek. One of the benefits of not having a grinder built-in is that they occupy a smaller footprint.

When your counter space is at a premium and you need to put the espresso maker away after your morning dose, both the De’Longhi models here will easily tuck away in the overhead cabinet.

The ECP3420 weighs just 10.6 pounds while the EC260BK weighs 9.3 pounds.

Additional Features

Both the De’Longhi models we compared came with stainless steel milk frothers. While this is not a necessity for serious espresso drinkers, it is a functional addition to have when you want to extend your coffee-drinking experience to lattes and cappuccinos.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Of the two models, only the ECP340 offers a removable water tank. The advantage here is that you are able to clean it if and when necessary. Cleaning a water reservoir that is not removable can be quite a hassle.

Both also come with reusable filters.

Espresso Quantity and Quality

Both models allow the use of taller espresso cups. Just remove the bottom tray and you will be able to use a taller cup. The ability to keep water warm and ready to pull the next shot will also allow you to make two double shots back to back without sacrificing quality.

As long as you use a good source of water you can expect superior taste. Softened water is best for the extraction of flavor.

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De’Longhi ECP3420 vs EC260BK Conclusion

Both models are similarly priced, and function comparably. The only mild difference is how they look. In terms of weight, steam pressure and temperature, and additional attachments like the milk frother, they are identical.

One prominent benefit of both machines in our comparison is that they are very simple to use. Just pop in your favorite grounds, add water, turn a dial, and press a button. You don’t have a lot of adjustments to make to enjoy the same flavor consistently.

The versatility of being able to pull two shots simultaneously or a single shot, without having the system reset is a great advantage for heavy coffee drinkers who do not have the time to wait.

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De’Longhi Espresso Machine | Bestsellers (last 24h)

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