Echo Show (1st Gen) vs Echo Show (2nd Gen)

Echo Show (2nd Gen) vs Echo Show (1st Gen)

Right now, Amazon is taking over the “Smart Products” market, with the Amazon Echo. And, since the first Amazon Echo was released, which came with Alexa, there have been many different variations of that basic product that have since been developed and released.

You have products such as the Echo Dot and the Echo Auto, and, you also have the Echo Show. Now, the Echo Show isn’t as popular as the Echo Dot or the Echo, but it is still a very useful and interesting device.

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Today, we’re going to be looking at two models of the Echo Show. The very first model of the Echo Show, which is the Echo Show (1st Gen), and then we’re going to look at the Echo Show (2nd Gen).

Echo Show (2nd Gen)

Both of these are, obviously, from the same product line, and they have quite a few similarities and shared functions. However, they also have a variety of differences, and we’re going to be looking at what those differences are, and how the two devices stack up against each other. By the time you are done reading this article, you are going to know which one of these Echo Show models is the right one for you!

What Does The Echo Show (1st Gen) Offer?

We’re going to start by defining what the Echo Show does – and this applies to both of these devices – before diving into the actual features of this product.

Echo Show (1st Gen) vs Echo Show (2nd Gen)

Essentially, the Echo Show is a device that can play back video content of all sorts. Content from Amazon Videos, security camera footage, weather forecasts, music videos, and all kinds of other content. You can also browse the internet and listen to audiobooks, among a variety of other features. In some ways, the Echo Show is a lot like a tablet.

However, since this is an Echo device, it also comes with Amazon Alexa. For each one of the Echo devices, this is the biggest selling point, since you can control Alexa, and have her perform any of her various functions, simply by using your voice to tell her to do so. This is a very powerful technology, and the Echo Show utilizes it wonderfully.

With the Echo Show (1st Gen), there are eight individual microphones built into the device. Now, these are strong microphones, and even if there is a lot of noise or static, the microphones will still be able to make out your voice, and understand what it is that you are saying and telling Alexa to do.

Using Alexa, you can simply tell her what you want the Echo Show to do, and then it will do that. You can connect the Echo Show to all of your Smart Home devices, such as security cameras, as well as things like fans and lights and the heating and cooling systems in your home.

If you want to listen to music, you can tell Alexa to do that, and she will connect you to Amazon Music, or other music services, such as Spotify and Pandora, along with iHeartRadio. This is a nice feature since it makes it very easy to listen to all of your favorite songs.

Echo Show 1st Generation Review

The Echo Show has a camera built into it, and you can use this camera to make video calls and to record videos. Just tell Alexa to do that, and she’ll activate this feature.

One of the unique features that the Echo Show offers is the ability for you to ask for information, of any sort, and then the Echo Show will display it for you whether it’s a question about movie times, movie trailers, the weather, or something that was on CNN the other day. You can also use these same features to make to-do-lists, and to add things to a calendar, or to set timers and alarms.

Now, the last set of features that the Echo Show possesses are a little different from the others, but they are very enjoyable, as well. You see, just like the regular Echo, the Echo Show has an app marketplace. And, in this app marketplace, there are all kinds of little games that you can download and play Games like “Jeopardy” and other trivia games that you can play with the family. But, there are many more. And, there are apps for everything, including things like finance management and meditation.

Overall, the Echo Show (1st Gen) is a fantastic device that gives you a great deal of functionality and freedom!

Echo Show 1st Gen

What Does The Echo Show (2nd Gen) Offer?

Here’s the thing about the Echo Show (2nd Gen), it isn’t that different from the Echo Show (1st Gen). There aren’t too many big differences or things to note, but it is a bit easier to find this particular Echo Show model since they don’t make the 1st Gen anymore. So, for that reason, this is probably a better choice.

Echo Show 2nd Gen Review

With the Echo Show (2nd Gen), the screen has a better resolution, which makes the images being displayed much clearer. The camera is also a bit better, so the pictures and videos that it takes are a bit clearer, as well, and this is useful if you want to do video calls with this device.

If you use Amazon to buy things like food, among other things, you can ask Alexa to order those things for you, and she will. This makes it very easy to order anything, and you can then ask Alexa about the status of those orders, and when they will be there.

In the end, though, the Echo Show (2nd Gen) is mostly the same as the Echo Show (1st Gen), and this is not a bad thing, because the Echo Show (1st Gen) is a fantastic product, and the Echo Show (2nd Gen) improves upon the basic features.

Echo Show 2nd Gen vs 1st Gen


Because the Echo Show (2nd Gen) is easier to find, it is the better choice. However, they are both fantastic devices!

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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