Eufy RoboVac L35 vs. G40+ vs G40Hybrid+

The Difference Between Luxury and Budget
Eufy is a smart home appliance manufacturer that offers a selection of robot vacuums suitable for every price range. We’ll look at three different Eufy RoboVacs today (the L35 Hybrid+, the G40+, and the G40Hybrid+) and learn where those fancy names originate from.

Eufy RoboVac L35 vs. G40+ vs G40Hybrid+

Eufy RoboVac L35 vs. G40+ vs G40Hybrid+ Overview

Eufy uses the beginning letter on its model’s name to denote which navigation system it uses. The L in L35 stands for LiDAR technology. That’s right! Your little robot is using lasers to find its way around your house. Eufy’s iPath LiDAR RoboVac line is one of its premium designs, and the quality is reflected in the $550.00 price tag.

What does the ‘G’ in those two other names stand for? Gyroscope! The ‘G’ series vacuums use gyroscope navigation to follow a purposeful cleaning pattern. The G40+ is the basic model of the G40Hybrid+, with the upgrade being the addition of some functions we’ll get to later. These are two of Eufy’s budget models, with every vacuum of their make costing less than $300.

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Navigation System

The L35 Hybrid+ (referred to from hereon out as the L35) uses a LiDAR system to plot its route around the room. Something unique to the ‘L’ series of vacuums is that these units can save up to 3 maps of their paths from previous cleaning sessions, cutting down on the time needed to calibrate every time they run.

LiDAR is also the most accurate out of all the navigation programs Eufy uses; the use of lasers also means that the L35 can operate at night without any complications with visibility.

The G40+ and the G40Hybrid+, on the other hand, are more limited in their options. While gyroscope navigation does offer comparatively accurate routes, these ‘G’ vacuums are unable to retain multiple room maps. You’ll have to rely on magnetic boundary strips to create forbidden areas– or ‘no-go zones’, according to Eufy– for any cleaning paths.

Battery Life and Charging Time

Both the G40+ and the G40Hybrid+ have a battery life of 100 minutes, which is more than enough to clean the floors of most homes. The L35 outpaces them both with a runtime of 145 minutes. The difference in the competition holds when we look at charging time, where the G series both take about 5 to 6 hours to fully recharge and the L35 only requires 3 to 4 hours.

BoostIQ Technology and Suction Power

All three vacuums use BoostIQ, a function that detects the level of dirt in the cleaning path and adjusts the suction level accordingly. BoostIQ also serves to help the vacuums build a working map of the room; again, the G series is incapable of retaining multiple maps, while the L35 can remember up to three maps.

You can interact with all three vacuum models via the Eufy Clean App, which offers you varying ranges of customization for cleaning paths and suction modes. The L35 lets you set no-go zones and virtual boundaries via the app; the G series doesn’t have this capability and requires you to use magnetic markers to demarcate restricted areas.

You can also choose one of the L35’s water levels and suction levels from the app, as well as pick spots on the digital map of your house for the L35 to spot clean.

The highest level of suction the vacuums are capable of depends on the model. The L35 has a maximum suction power of 3,200 Pa, while both the G40+ and the G40Hybrid+ come in at a respectable 2,500 Pa.

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The Auto-Empty Function and Dusting Capacity

One of Eufy’s claims to fame is the Self-Emptying Station. When the vacuum is done, it returns to the station (which is also its charging base) and the station uses suction to retrieve the vacuum’s contents.

Eufy claims the station’s dust bag’s large volume of 3.2 L gives you up to 60 dust-free days before it reaches capacity and you have to clean it out, but reviews say that really depends on the amount of mess in your home.

Residences with long-haired pets or people will need to empty out their stations more often than those that don’t.

The G40+ and the G40Hybrid+ both utilize these Auto-Empty functions; the L35 model we’re reviewing here, the L35 Hybrid+, also uses the Auto-Empty, but its base model (the L35 Hybrid, without the +) surprisingly doesn’t. Keep that detail in mind while you’re browsing L models on Eufy!

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The ‘Hybrid’ in the L35’s and the G40Hybrid+’s full names refers to their multiple functions. Besides vacuuming, Hybrid line models also can mop hardwood floors. The difference between the L35 and G40Hybrid+’s mopping function lies in capacity: the L35’s water tank can hold 200 ml, while the G40Hybrid+ can only manage 130 ml.

Both models can be used to mop up small spills on hardwood floors. Any large liquid spills, however, still have to be manually cleaned– these vacuums just don’t have the force needed to tackle big kitchen catastrophes.

Despite Eufy’s tagline of a hands-free mopping experience with their Hybrid models, there’s still plenty of hands-on work required to fully utilize the mopping function. The water tank for both the L35 and G40Hybrid+’s units need to be manually removed and their filters cleaned after every session. We have to wonder if such nitpicky maintenance is really worth it.

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Eufy L35 vs. G40+ vs G40Hybrid+ Verdict

The G40+ is a good basic model to draw comparisons from. Its $300 price tag and slim design make it the go-to choice for people with smaller homes who don’t have to worry about hard floors. It includes the same Self-Empty station and filters that the Hybrid models do; it’s a solid pick at an affordable price.

Between the L35 Hybrid+ and the G40Hybrid+, the difference in performance stood out when we compared runtime, suction power, and storage capacity. The L35 is the premium version of the G40Hybrid+; spring for it if it’s in your budget, but the G40Hybrid+ can serve just as well without breaking the bank.

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  • Up to 60* Days of Debris Storage: Keep 99.9%** of dust and debris sealed inside the Self-Empty Station with...
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  • Vacuum Up Food Crumbs: Keep floors clean with 2500Pa of strong suction to pick up food particles and dust.

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