Nebulizer vs. Humidifier: What to Pick

If you are thinking about purchasing either a nebulizer or a humidifier, but don’t know which one to pick, then you are at the right place. When you are finished with this guide, you will know what a nebulizer and a humidifier offers; that way, you’ll know which one is right for you.

What Is A Nebulizer And What Benefits Does It Offer?

A nebulizer is a device that turns liquids into pure mist. By doing this, you can then inhale that mist with incredible ease, allowing you to moisten your nasal and throat passages. But, along with that, nebulizers aren’t just designed to turn water into mist but, rather, medications, as well.

Many people use nebulizers to turn asthma medication into mist. By using a nebulizer to turn that medication into mist, you can easily inhale it, rather than having to take it as a pill or use an inhaler. For people who have difficulties taking pills or making use of an inhaler, nebulizers are exceptionally useful.

Even though a nebulizer is, in many ways, quite similar to a humidifier, it is also very different. If you need a device that will convert medication into a nice mist, then a nebulizer is an excellent device that is essential.

What Is A Humidifier And What Benefits Does It Offer?

A humidifier is a device that turns water into humidity. This humidity takes the form of either a cool or warm mist, depending on the humidifier and the ways in which it produces that humidity. This mist can then be inhaled, allowing it to move through your throat and nasal passages, allowing them to be moistened.

Many of the people that own and use humidifiers do so because of the health benefits. If there isn’t enough moisture in your space, then your throat and nasal passages will become dry. This dryness can lead to a sore throat, a runny nose, and a cold; among various other ailments. But, if you keep those passages of your body nice and moist, then those ailments are less likely, which makes it easier to keep yourself healthy.

For the people who live in especially cold and dry places – especially during Winter – humidifiers are extremely useful. But, for people who already live in humid places, a humidifier serves very little purpose.

Which One Should You Pick?

The answer to this question depends on your needs. Both devices have their own benefits and advantages, but these benefits and advantages will be more desirable depending on what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a device that can turn certain medications into mist, allowing you to more easily take them, then a nebulizer is the best choice.

If you are looking for a device that can turn water into pure humidity, making it easier to keep yourself healthy during the cold and dry months in the year, then a humidifier is the best choice.


In the end, nebulizers and humidifiers are both great devices. But, the one that’s right for you depends entirely on what you need.

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