Shark IZ163H vs. IZ363HT vs. IZ362H vs. IZ462H Stick Vacuums

For a great stick vacuum, you can’t go wrong with Shark. That’s why, in this buying guide, you are going to learn all about the best stick vacuums that Shark offers. By the time you are finished with this guide, you will know which stick vacuum offers what you need!

Shark IZ163H Stick Vacuum Review
Shark IZ163H

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What Does The Shark IZ163H Offer?

The Shark IZ163H is a sleek and robust stick vacuum. Many of Shark’s other stick vacuums offer more unique and elaborate features than this one. But, this stick vacuum offers a fantastic vacuuming experience, making it easy for you to vacuum up just about anything.

Right away, you will notice the sleek and minimalist design of this stick vacuum. Everything is sleek, clean, and simple. These facets go beyond aesthetics, though, making for a vacuuming experience that is mobile and versatile.

Shark IZ163H Review
Shark IZ163H

Through the use of a powerful motor and a self-cleaning brushroll, you can vacuum on nearly any surface. Vacuuming up dirt, dust, and debris from hard floors is a nearly effortless process. But, vacuuming up those same materials on soft floors can be a little more challenging and, as such, this vacuum may not be ideal for those surfaces.

To enhance the versatility and efficiency of this vacuum, Shark gives you access to a handheld vacuuming mode and MultiFLEX Technology. Transforming this stick vacuum into a handheld vacuum allows you to vacuum on just about any surface. Making use of MultiFLEX Technology lets you bend the wand of this vacuum so that you can move it into tight and narrow spaces that the vacuum can not normally reach.

Shark IZ163H Rocket Pet Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum...
  • Powerful suction for whole-home cleaning: dirt, debris, pet hair, and tough messes
  • Self-cleaning brushroll with Dirt Engage technology allows nonstop removal of long hair and pet hair
  • Dirt Engage technology delivers unbeatable cleaning performance on carpets and bare floors compared to all...

What Does The Shark IZ362H Offer?

The Shark IZ362H is everything you would expect from a Shark stick vacuum. You will find a sleek and minimalist design, excellent suction power, a fantastic brush system, PowerFins Technology, and a plethora of vacuuming modes that allow for greater mobility and versatility.

Shark IZ362H Stick Vacuum Review
Shark IZ362H

Even though those are all familiar features, that’s okay. Each one of these features is excellent, even if they are familiar, and they make the vacuuming process easy and undeniably effective. You can vacuum on hard and soft floors, while also vacuuming on surfaces and areas that aren’t on your floors, such as tables, desks, and walls.

For a unique and distinctive vacuuming experience, though, this is not the stick vacuum to purchase. The overall experience is just like that of the IZ363HT.

Shark IZ362H Anti-Allergen Cordless Lightweight...
  • Self-cleaning brushroll for powerful pet hair pickup and no more hair wrap.
  • Hypervelocity-accelerated suction power provides incredible cleaning performance in an ultra-lightweight...
  • Up to 40 minutes of runtime (measured at the hand vac in Ion power mode, without accessories).

What Does The Shark IZ363HT Offer?

The Shark IZ363HT is, as the name suggests, quite similar to the IZ163H. But, that being said, it does offer a few notable differences, all of which transform the overall vacuuming process.

Shark IZ363HT Stick Vacuum Review
Shark IZ363HT

Right away, though, it is important to note that this vacuum looks, feels, and functions just like the IZ163H. The overall experience is almost the exact same. And, because of this, if you like what the IZ163H offers, but need something a little more powerful, then this stick vacuum will work extremely well for you.

The most notable difference this stick vacuum offers, compared to the IZ163H is that of hypervelocity-accelerated suction power. Due to making use of this suction system, you can more easily vacuum on hard and soft floors. That way, removing dirt, dust, and debris from any surface is easier and more efficient.

To go along with that, this stick vacuum uses PowerFins Technology. PowerFins Technology is quite simple, since it is, essentially, a thick silicone fin. But, making use of PowerFins Technology allows the stick vacuum to more easily remove dirt, dust, debris, and pet hair from hard and soft surfaces.

If you combine those two additional features, along with the versatile design of this stick vacuum, you get a vacuuming experience that is easy, efficient, and very effective.

Shark IZ363HT Anti-Allergen Pet Power Cordless...
  • NO HAIR WRAP: Self-cleaning brushroll delivers powerful pet hair pickup without wrapping hair.
  • HYPERVELOCITY ACCELERATED SUCTION: Provides incredible cleaning performance in an ultra-lightweight vacuum.
  • 50 MINUTES OF RUNTIME: Measured at the hand vac in standard mode, without accessories.

What Does The Shark IZ462H Offer?

The Shark IZ462H takes everything that the IZ363HT and makes it a little better.

Shark IZ462H Stick Vacuum Review
Shark IZ462H Vertex

Right away, this is seen in the use of PowerFin Technology. Rather than using one PowerFin, this stick vacuum uses two PowerFins. Both of these PowerFins are connected to a dense self-cleaning brushroll. Because of this functionality, removing dirt, dust, debris, and pet hair is so much easier, regardless of the surface you are vacuuming on.

The Hypervelocity-accelerated suction power has been enhanced. Due to the enhanced suction system, you have access to more suction power, allowing you to vacuum on thicker and denser surfaces – or any surface, for that matter – more easily.

Shark IZ462H Review
Shark IZ462H Vertex

For some people, the most notable enhancement is that of the one-hour battery-life. Rather than being restricted to forty-or-fifty-minutes, as you are with the Shark stick vacuums we looked at prior to this, you have one-hour, which lets you vacuum larger spaces more thoroughly.

Shark IZ462H Vertex Ultra Lightweight...
  • Hypervelocity-accelerated suction power provides incredible cleaning performance in an ultra-lightweight...
  • DuoClean PowerFins: The PowerFins brushroll delivers nonstop contact on carpets and floors, while the soft...
  • Self-cleaning brushroll for powerful pet hair pickup and no more hair wrap.

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