Dyson V11 Review

In today’s market, there are quite a few different vacuum cleaners available, and there are a wide variety of different types of vacuum cleaners. You can find upright vacuum cleaners, which are the most common and popular vacuum cleaners, and you can also find canister vacuum cleaners and handheld vacuum cleaners, as well as, of course, stick vacuums.

Stick vacuums are a bit more “recent” when it comes to the types of vacuums that are available on the market. But, in the past few years, they have had a significant amount of time to grow and develop, and as of today, they are a big part of the vacuum cleaner market, and many people are choosing to buy a good stick vacuum, rather than an upright vacuum or a Canister Vacuum.

Tineco PURE ONE S12

As of now, there are quite a few different stick vacuums that are currently on the market, and today, we’re going to be looking at two of them: the TINECO PURE ONE S12, and the Dyson V11.

Both of these stick vacuums are considered to be some of the best, and you’re going to learn why that is. You’re going to learn all about the different features and attributes that they possess, and how those individual features and attributes affect the overall vacuuming experience.

Right before we start, though, we’re going to need to mention two things. First off, these stick vacuums are expensive. Very expensive. And, you are going to have to pay a pretty hefty chunk of change to buy them. For some people, this is a bit problematic, so make sure to keep that in mind, when you are reading this buying guide.

The second thing that needs to be mentioned is a general definition of what a stick vacuum is…

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What Is A Stick Vacuum?

A stick vacuum is a type of vacuum that has a design that resembles, in a few ways, that of an Upright Vacuum. But, in most ways, it is quite different.

You see, with an upright vacuum, you have a tall and sturdy vacuum cleaner that is quite bulky, with a big motor, cleaning head and dust canister. It’s big and bulky, but also very powerful and efficient, and it can easily clean whatever surface you use it on.

The problem with most upright vacuums is that they are too bulky and too heavy to move around, with ease, so it’s a lot harder to clean smaller and tighter spaces. Since most upright vacuums require a decent amount of power, there aren’t a lot of cordless ones out there, either, and this means that you are even more restricted.

Dyson V11 vs Tineco PURE ONE S12 Stick Vacuums

Stick vacuums adopt the general shape, but they make the vacuum itself very thin and lightweight. And then, they toss out the cord, so you can hold this stick vacuum in one hand, and use it in any space.

As a result of this, though, stick vacuums aren’t as powerful as upright vacuums, and they have a harder time doing deeper and more thorough cleanings. For many people, though, this is a price that they are willing to pay, to have an easier and more efficient vacuuming experience.

What Does The Tineco PURE ONE S12 Offer?

Weighing just 6.6 pounds, you aren’t going to be struggling to pick up and move around the S12. Due to the sleek and clean design, and the ergonomics of the design itself, it is exceptionally easy for you to pick it up, and clean.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 vs. Dyson V11 Stick Vacuums

As for the battery-life, on a single charge, you can run the S12 for a total of one-hundred minutes, and that’s pretty good for a stick vacuum such as this one. Because of this battery-life, there won’t be any issues vacuuming in larger spaces, for a longer period, especially since this is one of the most effective and speedy stick vacuums on the market.

What is more important, though, is the fact that this is a “Smart Vacuum Cleaner”. And what this means is that Tineco has spent a lot of time developing sensors that can gather together all kinds of different data points.

Each one of these data points has to do with a distinct feature or attribute of this vacuum, and they all contribute to your general experience using the vacuum, and how well it can vacuum the spaces you are using it in.

On top of the vacuum, near the handle, there is a small LED screen. This LED screen displays various data points. Including that of the battery-life, you currently have, the suction mode that is being used, any malfunctions that happened earlier or any alerts, and the amount of dirt and dust that is flowing through the vacuum at that moment.

You have access to all of this data, and then, when it comes to the amount of dirt and dust that is flowing through the vacuum, this sensor then sends that data to the suction system, which adjusts itself to accommodate the dirt and dust that you are vacuuming up, so that the overall vacuuming process is as efficient and as orderly as it can be. You don’t need to adjust the suction, although you can do that manually.

In alignment with the automation focus, there is a filtration system that Tineco has installed, and this filtration system is used to keep the dust and dirt tidy and neat so that it doesn’t overflow or cause any errors with the suction. This is a self-cleaning filter, and you don’t have to do anything to clean it, because it does it for you.

As for the motor and the power it has, you have access to 150W of suction power – this is a lot for a cordless stick vacuum – and the brush head has two brushes, one for soft surfaces and one for hard surfaces. The S12 is great because you can clean just about anything with it.

Ultimately, if you want one of the most advanced vacuums on the market, the Tineco PURE ONE S12 is that vacuum, and while it is expensive, it’s also one of the best.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 Stick Vacuum

What Does The Dyson V11 Offer?

Just as the Tineco PURE ONE S12 weighs 6.6 pounds, so does the Tineco PURE ONE. And, just as the S12 was a Smart Vacuum, so is the V11. Although, Dyson hasn’t explicitly advertised it as such.

Dyson V11 Stick Vacuum

With the Dyson V11, you are getting a very similar stick vacuum that has many of the same features.

There is an LCD screen that is on the very top of the V11. On this LCD screen, you can see data for things like the current performance of the vacuum, the suction speed that is being used, any blockage or malfunction reports, how much battery life you have left, as well as other small data points that, in the end, give you all the information you need to understand what the V11 is doing, and how it is doing it.

To aid in your usage, there is also a “Dynamic Load Sensor System” that Dyson has created, and this particular system is used to detect when the V11 is currently on a carpeted surface, and when it is on a harder surface. And then, this information goes straight to the suction system, which adjusts itself to accommodate the particular surface that the V11 is cleaning.

When using that system, you are using “Auto Mode”, but there is also “Boost Mode”, for super quick and efficient cleaning, and then there is “Eco Mode”, which is for lighter cleanings that require less energy.

In terms of battery life, you have sixty-minutes. Not as much as the S12. But, the suction is a little better with the V11, due to the Dyson Digital Motor V11, which is a new motor that Dyson developed specifically for this vacuum cleaner. It is an incredibly efficient and powerful vacuum cleaner.

If you want to clean spaces that are smaller or harder-to-reach, you can transform the vacuum into a Handheld Vacuum, by pressing a button, and you can also use the “Mini-Motorized Tool”, which is a small tool that makes it very easy to clean on things like couches and chairs, and in other spaces that are a little harder to reach, or that require something a bit more gentle and thorough.

Dyson V11

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Final Words

The Dyson V11 doesn’t offer any other way for you to access the data that is being produced by the vacuum cleaner. With the Tineco PURE ONE S12, you can access this data on your smartphone, after vacuuming, to get an idea of what is going on when you are vacuuming. But, the Dyson V11 is a lot more restrictive, in that sense.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 Review

In the end, though, if you want an excellent stick vacuum that is very powerful and very efficient, while also having some good Smart Technology features, the Dyson V11 is excellent!

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