Top vs. Bottom-Loading Water Dispensers: What to Choose?

If you are looking at water dispensers, but aren’t sure whether a top-loading or bottom-loading water dispenser is ideal, then you are at the right place. In this guide, you are going to learn all about top-loading and bottom-loading water dispensers, so that you can determine which one is right for you!

What Is A Top-Loading Water Dispenser?

A top-loading water dispenser is a water dispenser that relies on a water jug being placed on top of the water dispenser. By being placed on top of the water dispenser, water can flow downwards, directly into and through the water dispenser.

Top vs. Bottom-Loading Water Dispensers

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Since top-loading water dispensers rely on a large plastic jug that must be connected to the top, they tend to be rather tall. So tall, in fact, that certain spaces may not be able to hold them properly. Because of that, it is worth considering where a top-loading water dispenser will go, and whether or not it would be ideal for your space.

Refilling a top-loading water dispenser can be slightly challenging since most water jugs are very heavy. Because of their heft, picking them up, flipping them upside down, and placing them onto the water dispenser can be quite annoying.

Top-Loading Water Dispensers

A top-loading water dispenser is, generally speaking, quite inexpensive. They don’t cost that much money, due to the fact that they are ubiquitous, and they serve as a great way of having constant access to clean drinking water.

What Is A Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser?

A bottom-loading water dispenser is, as the name implies, a water dispenser that relies on the water being installed below the dispenser. By being set up right underneath the dispenser, they rely on a water pump and pipe to push the water from the water jug into the dispenser. Those two items are quite small and easy to use, though, so this makes the process much easier.

Bottom vs. Top-Loading Water Dispensers

Most bottom-loading water dispensers are the exact same size as top-loading water dispensers. But, the most notable difference is the fact that bottom-loading water dispensers aren’t as tall when the water jug is set up because the water jug is located within the bottom portion of the dispenser. This makes them ideal for cramped spaces.

Refilling a bottom-loading water dispenser is very easy. All you must do is slide the water jug into a space within the water dispenser. Then, by doing this, you can set up the pump and pipe, which allows you to then receive water from that water jug.

The cost of a bottom-loading water dispenser is greater than the cost of a top-loading water dispenser. This is due to the unique design of a bottom-loading water dispenser, and the fact that they are a little more convenient.

Bottom Top-Loading Water Dispensers

Conclusion: Which One Should You Buy?

At the end of the day, top-loading water dispensers and bottom-loading water dispensers are both great. If you want the most affordable water dispenser and don’t mind some mild inconveniences, then a top-loading water dispenser is great. If you are looking for the most convenient water dispenser, and don’t mind a slightly high-price, then a bottom-loading water dispenser will serve you very well!

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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