In this review, we are looking at the features and attributes that the Bissell 15489 ProHeat 2X Carpet Cleaner offers. When you are finished reading this review, you will know all about this carpet cleaner and whether it offers what you need.

Bissell 15489

Bissell Carpet Cleaner

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Simple & Neat Design

Right off the bat, you will notice that this carpet cleaners offer a simple and neat design. It doesn’t offer the same complicated and obtuse designs that many other carpet cleaners do, which makes the entire process of using this carpet cleaner significantly easier and very convenient.

Bissell 15489 ProHeat 2X Review

Bissell 15489

A big part of what makes this design especially useful, is the fact that every feature and setting is clearly outlined and delineated. Because of that, you’ll never have to struggle to figure out what does what or how to perform the various functions that this carpet cleaner offers.

Very Lightweight & Mobile

With a weight of 25.7-pounds, this is one of the lighter carpet cleaners on the market. It may not sound like it, but this carpet cleaner offers a mobile and flexible carpet cleaning experience, which is something that a lot of other carpet cleaners don’t offer.

When you take a look at this carpet cleaner, you’ll notice that it isn’t very big and that it possesses a fairly small form-factor. Everything is contained within the carpet cleaner in the most even and clean manner possible. Since that’s the case, moving this carpet cleaner into tighter spaces is quite easy, and so is storing it in places where you don’t have access to a lot of free space.

Fantastic Brushing System

While you are moving this carpet cleaner across your carpets and rugs, you will be relying on two DirtLifter PowerBrushes. These two DirtLifter PowerBrushes were designed by Bissell, and each DirtLifter PowerBrush consists of thick, dense brush bristles that can dive into the depths of the carpet/rug that you are cleaning.

BISSELL 15489 Upright Carpet Cleaner

Bissell 15489

As the DirtLifter PowerBrushes dive into the carpet/rug that you are cleaning, they loosen up and then remove the dirt, dust, and grime that is contained within them. That way, the depths of your carpets and rugs are kept as clean as they can be.

Along with that, the DirtLifter PowerBrushes offer exceptional scrubbing capabilities. Due to their thickness and density, these DirtLifter PowerBrushes can easily scrub off all kinds of thick and nasty stains and messes. Even if the stains or messes are especially thick, these brushes offer the strength to thoroughly clean them.

Very Useful Cleaning Tools

More often than not, you will probably be using this carpet cleaner in the same way that most people use it – pushing it across your floors, allowing the stains, messes, dirt, dust, and grime to be removed. But, that isn’t the only way that you can use this carpet cleaner, because Bissell has included a very powerful cleaning tool that can transform the entire carpet cleaning experience.

On this carpet cleaner, to its side, there is a seven-foot hose. By using this hose, you are able to then attach one of two spot cleaning tools. Both of these spot cleaning tools are exceptionally powerful and make it easier to remove certain kinds of stains and messes from surfaces and areas that you wouldn’t normally be able to reach.

BISSELL 15489 ProHeat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner

Bissell 15489

As for the two tools that Bissell has included, they are the Tough Stain Tool and the Pet Stain Tool. With the Tough Stain Tool, you have access to a large tool that consists of numerous brush bristles. Each brush bristle is large and thick, which allows you to thoroughly brush off all kinds of thick and tough stains.

The Pet Stain Tool is quite similar, but it’s a little smaller. It is a great tool to use if you need to remove a pet stain from a small or tight area. Just like the Tough Stain Tool, it consists of several thick brush bristles.

Effective Cleaning Solution

Inside of the box that this carpet cleaner comes in, you’ll find a small bottle of DeepClean + Antibacterial cleaning formula. To use this cleaning formula, you just need to pour a little bit of it into this carpet cleaner’s water tank, and then it will be mixed in and used. By using this cleaning formula, it’s easier to remove especially thick stains.

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Conclusion: Very Effective Carpet Cleaner

In the end, the Bissell 15489 ProHeat 2X Carpet Cleaner is a very effective and powerful carpet cleaner. It offers all of the power and functionality that you could ever want, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then it is a great choice!

BISSELL 15489 ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full Size Upright Carpet Cleaner Review

Carpet Cleaner

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 • 25 lbs
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 • 5-Year Limited Warrenty
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