By nature, carpets get dirty. It usually doesn’t take very long for them to get dirty, either. Especially not if this carpet is housed in an area where there is a considerable amount of foot traffic. If that is the case, then the carpet is going to get dirty very easily, and in a pretty short amount of time, too.

Bissell 86T3 vs BG10

For most people, having a dirty carpet isn’t desirable, in any way. Most people want a nice, clean carpet that looks nice, isn’t filled with lots of dirt and gunk underneath the folds of the carpet, and that feels good on the feet. But, if the carpet is dirty, then it isn’t able to look nice or to feel nice, and that’s not exactly ideal, for most people.

There are numerous ways to clean a carpet. Some people clean their carpet by hand, using a little bit of soap and some sponges. Most people don’t do this, though, because it is a long and arduous process that is incredibly boring and tedious. Instead, a lot of people just let their carpets get dirtier and dirtier until they’re forced to find some alternative solution or to toss out the carpet.

If you have carpet floors, though, this isn’t something that you can do, because those carpeted floors are expensive, and replacing them is not exactly a pleasing choice.

Instead of having to replace a carpet, it’s much better to find a good and convenient way of cleaning them. There is one fantastic solution to that problem, and that solution is a carpet cleaner.

Bissell BG10 vs. 86T3

Carpet cleaners are popular for a reason: they clean your carpets quickly and efficiently. In this buying guide, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at two of the best carpet cleaners from Bissell.

The Bissell BG10 and the Bissell 86T3 are going to be the carpet cleaners we’re focusing on, today, and they are fantastic carpet cleaners with some great features and attributes, which you will be learning about.

So, with all that being said, let’s dive into things!

What Does The Bissell BG10 Have To Offer?

The Bissell BG10 is a deep cleaning carpet cleaner. It’s a carpet cleaner that isn’t just designed for those lighter and significantly less efficient cleanings, it’s designed to be used on carpets that require some very deep cleaning, and from this deep cleaning, you’re able to remove all of the dirt, dust, and general gunk from the depths of your carpet, making things significantly nicer.

Bissell BG10

Since this is a deep cleaning carpet cleaner, though, the Bissell BG10 is hefty. With a weight of sixty-pounds and a large size, it’s not always the easiest task, to move this thing around. But, with that being said, the design of the Bissell BG10 is quite good. You can move it around with ease, due to the simple and clear-cut design, and while you won’t have that much luck using it in tighter spaces, it works very well in larger and more open spaces, and the overall experience of moving this carpet cleaner is quite pleasant.

During the carpet cleaning process, two motors are used. One of these motors is for the brush roll. The brush roll is used to remove the dirt and dust from the depths of the carpet. And then, the second motor is used to power the suction. With the brush roll and the suction, you can deep clean the carpet and remove all of the stuff that’s within it.

Water is used, of course, to aid in the carpet cleaning process, and the suction is used to bring that water back into the carpet cleaner. There are two tanks, and one of these tanks is for the clean water, mixed with some cleaning solution, and the second tank is for all of the dirty water that is being sucked back into the Bissell BG10.

Bissell BG10 Carpet Cleaner

Ultimately, the Bissell BG10 is an exceptionally powerful carpet cleaner that can deep clean any carpet. It’s expensive, but you are getting an absolute powerhouse. If that is what you want/need, then this is one of the best choices you have.

What Does The Bissell 86T3 Offer?

So, the Bissell 86T3 is pretty similar to the Bissell BG10, in terms of the fact that it’s meant to deep clean carpets, but there are a couple of key differences that do transform the overall experience.

Bissell 86T3

In terms of the weight and bulk, the Bissell 86T3 is just under fifty-one pounds. It’s lighter than the Bissell BG10, but not by a significant amount. However, the design is just as good as the BG10, so you won’t have any problems moving it around, and using it.

As for the cleaning capabilities, the Bissell 86T3 uses two individual water tanks. One of these tanks is for clean water, and the other is for dirty water. You can mix some cleaning solution into the clean water tank, and Bissell sells some for that purpose.
Using the “DirtLifter PowerBrush”, you can clean just about any carpet. This is a very powerful and effective brush system that uses the strong bristles on the brush to scrape up gunk and grime, as well as dirt and dust. And then, with a little bit of water and cleaning solution, stains are removed and those things are loosened up, as well, allowing the powerful suction system to gather up all of those things effortlessly and to dispose of them in the dirty water tank.

Bissell 86T3 Carpet Cleaner

If you need to extend the reach of this carpet cleaner, Bissell has provided a six-inch “Tough Stain Tool”, and this tool allows you to clean especially difficult stains, using a small tool that you can detach from the main carpet cleaner unit. For extra cleaning power, too, there is a hose that is nine-feet, that you can use.

Final Words

Ultimately, the Bissell 86T3 has many similarities to the Bissell BG10, and it is a very powerful and efficient carpet cleaner that can take care of any carpet cleaning problem. If you want something a bit more focused on mobility, then this is the best choice for you.

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