Ninja AF150AMZ vs COSORI Pro Air Fryer

In this article we will be looking at the difference between the Ninja AF150AMZ vs the COSORI Pro Air Fryer. If you have never used an air fryer before, there are a few things to realize. They are not made only to fry food! That’s right. You can reheat, bake, dehydrate, roast and defrost! These appliances are made for many things, and allow for ease in the kitchen while preparing your favourite foods.

Let’s start with the Ninja AF150AMZ

There are a few things to note about this appliance in particular. While many air fryers on the markets are very similar, and come with very similar things, this particular air fryers does come with a crisper plate. Something that they don’t all come with. It has an XL basket, with a size of 5.5 quarts. Both the basket and the crisper plate are nonstick and dishwasher safe.

This model also has a very wide temperature range, which allows for the diversity of cooking that you are capable with it. Using up to 75% less oil than even other traditional air frying methods, it can be a health option, even when you are frying your snack or dinner.

This particular model comes with chef inspired cookbook, with 20 recipes for your convenince when planning future meals.

What are people saying?

There are so many good reviews for this appliance. Most are saying that it is easy to use, easy to clean, and a game changer for every meal. There are also numerous positive reviews for the temperature control, making it a dependable gadget. The appliance is also very well built and it is evident in the reviews.

Moving on to the COSORI Pro Air Fryer

This is a slightly larger basket size at 5.8 quarts. This appliance claims to cook at 20% faster than previous air fryers from this brand. There are 13 functions, which allows for quick and easy setup. It also has a shake reminder, which helps when you are trying to cook your food evenly and make it nice and crispy. The shape of this air fryer is also different as it is more of a square shape, which allows for more room in the unit itself! It provides more room than other round air fryers, which is perfect when you are cooking for more people.

With NTC sensors that allow the air fryer to automatically adjust cooking times and temperatures, a lot of the pressure of creating the perfect meal is out of your hands. Even beginner chefs can cook confidently with one of the 100 COSORI chef inspired recipes that are included with this item.

What are the people saying?

This product comes highly reviewed, and the vast majority are very positive. There are many comments on ease of use for this appliance, as well as the mess free cleanup, especially with the parchment liners. Versatility and durability rank pretty high in these reviews, which when you are adding an appliance to your kitchen, you want to these two things.

Even if you have no idea how to cook, these machines make it so much easier and straightforward. Many reviews states how self-explanatory the touch screen is, which allows for anyone to use it.

What are the differences between the two?

The Ninja AF150AMZ does have a slightly larger temperature range than the COSORI Pro Air Fryer. This allows for many different meals to be prepared, but if you are into simple recipes, either will work for your needs. They both have a range of functions between baking, dehydrating, defrosting, air frying and reheating. You can use these machines for every single meal if you wanted. A lot of the reviews for both of these items stated that they are able to be used multiple times per day, in many different ways.

Who should buy an air fryer?

If you are wondering if an air fryer is the new thing for you, or if you have already had one in the past but are looking to upgrade, either of these products would be a great addition to anyone’s kitchen. They are easy to use, have a number of different functions, and allow even the worst cook a chance at providing food for your family and friends!


These brands are well known and come with so many positive reviews that either of these products would be a no brainer when looking to purchase an air fryer.

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